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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Oleti Likhitha

Classics Inspirational


Oleti Likhitha

Classics Inspirational

Relationship gives good life

Relationship gives good life

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once there lived an old woman. She was very lonely. she had many assets and lots of money. she married at early age of 12 years. But he abandoned her. But she didn't forget him.

 One fine day she went to market. She bought many vegetables and was about to leave. Then she stopped feeling that somebody held her saree. she turned back and saw a little boy on with a cheerful smile, taking hold of her saree from one end. She taught that the little must be the son of the shop-keeper. Then she came to know that little boy was working in the shop. The old woman was angered by this.

She did all the paperwork to adopt the little boy. She named the little boy as Sampath. She started to send the little boy to school, at the age of 8 years. After he returned home, She used to tell many stories to him.

One Sampath was not there at the school. The old woman searched for all the places. Luckily, she found him. He was sleeping behind the pond. There were many butterflies around there. The old woman thought that he must be tired of catching the butterflies. She waited there until he woke up. They went home in the evening.

After few years Sampath completed his education and settled in his life.

  He took good care of his mother during her critical health condition. One day the woman died. There was a letter in her hand. The man started to cry loudly and his tears fell on the feet of his corpse. They looked like pearls portraying the affection between them.

 Then he started to read the letter written by his mother. Sampath read ahead.

 Dear son, 

 I know you since your childhood. I noticed your cheerful smile, when I saw you the first time, in the shop. you have become the meaning of my life. I know that you will make a definitely good choice for a wife. And once you make the choice, never leave your wife.

Always remember that we have a mutually kind relationship. Both of our lives were greatly changed. And I believe for the better, due to that chance meeting. You should aim not just to improve your life, but for the betterment of people, in general.

 Don't try to build huge heaps of gold in secret vaults. Try to amass blessings from the poor and needy.

 Goodbye and Godspeed.


Yours lovingly,


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