Bhavpreet Kaur

Fantasy Thriller


Bhavpreet Kaur

Fantasy Thriller

Nahida - The Warrior

Nahida - The Warrior

3 mins

It is early morning and the sunlight is just breaking through the trees of the dark forest and Nahida has still been on the ground with bleeding hands and a scar on her face of a wild cat.

She got up with an aching hand and she remembered that last night her aunt had sent her into the woods to bring some light.

‘OH! Aunt Sara would be waiting for me, Lord cares the old aunt’ she stammered.

Her eyes went on the bleeding hand and her memory recovered that a wild cat attacked her she fell upon the green grass.

Then her sight reached the old house made up of wood and stones, the house stood between the old trees, dried brown grass and the house accompanied the skulls and fear and effects of black magic. It was the house of an evil lady who did black magic named Baba Yaga.

Nahida was now in panic and dilemma to go inside or not. Anxiously she knocked on the door, nobody replied then she knocked on the door with a hello but there was no reply.

She went inside, a lady lying on a cot seemed to be dead was what Nahida captured with her eyes.

‘OH, Lord! The lady seems to be dead’ she whispered.

But when she inquired she came to know that she isn’t dead, she has lost her consciousness.

So, she cured her with the remedies of her home and used some prayers to heal her. Baba Yaga catches her consciousness and says ‘What are you doing here? I am not well so you want to kill me?’

Nahida explained everything that she cured her and Baba Yaga feels apology and gives her a sword so that on the way if anybody attacks her she can shield herself.

It was somber and the sky had a blanket of imperceptible flicker white stars and a father of light the Moon. She made her way ahead.

No sooner she reached her house her aunt cried out ‘Where were you, my sweetie? ‘So, she demonstrated the whole tale to the concerning aunt.

The aunt narrated that she was anxious because some people attacked the village and maybe she was caught by them. Then she medicated Nahida’s scar and her hand.

She heard a scream outside and rushed out to see what has happened and she saw the assaulters and then she picked up her keen-pointed sword and defended the people with the squad.

Though she did not know how to use it the magic sword itself moved her hands and defended her and boosted her confidence; prayers of the mortals of hamlet and bravery of the squad made the win.

Army chief saw her bravery and skills and sent her to the king. He praised the heroic gallant girl and awarded her with a thousand gold coins and ordered to give her training of more techniques of sword.

Nahida became a warrior as teenage held her and she lived in the palace with her aunt.

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