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Bhavpreet Kaur


Wait To Hunt

Wait To Hunt

2 mins

Emerald green savage grass pinched my leg through my black and green army style capris; tall brown bushes due to cold guarded around and my novice sports shoes pressed in the damp soil and left labyrinth pattern on the soil.

Whole body of mine was camouflaged behind the grass but my straight determined eyes peeped through, waiting for the animal being lured by the bait and my fifty-meter riffle that rested on my muscle cramped arm for an hour that it perfectly shoots the animal.

Sun had reached its zenith point and sweat poured down my wrinkled forehead to cherry red cheeks of mine furthermore my body asked water but my conscious mind instructed me to wait for the animal.

Aches of my leg brought me tiredness and my hair in a bun felt sticky due to sweat and some front hairs of mine covered my left eye hiding some view.

After a couple of hours, I heard a hissing sound which grew louder and louder making my bulging ears shiver it felt like a toddler playing with a rattle.

Andereline gushed into my legs and hope rose like a seed, under the bright clear sky I turned and ran like a flare in the grassy land after running blindly like zombies about half a mile my foot stuck into the second trap made up by me for the animal.

I yelled at it and finally, I escaped.

“It was definitely a Saola” I declared

Coming down the risen ground I heard another sound, but this time it wasn’t hissing; like a crazy cat I swifted through the leaves with sun changing its mood and started to set a fiery red circle slipping into a soft magical slumber after a long weary day.

This time I couldn’t miss a chance by not hunting a ‘Soala’ as I ran my heart skipped a beat.

Ahead of me was something I didn’t know but seemed like a cave, wild grass grew on it and a mossy mattress on the floor.

I continued inside leaving behind the chirring grasshoppers and I saw a shadow; a stagnant silence that followed could even make me hear a pin drop.

After walking a few minutes the cave ended and I burst into tears and heart of mine stopped for a second and what I saw with my squirky was that it wasn’t the same animal.

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