Bhavpreet Kaur

Horror Drama


Bhavpreet Kaur

Horror Drama

The Window Ghost

The Window Ghost

3 mins

The footsteps made its way towards the large coal black, speckled, antique door but to reach the door one had to go from the stairs that were eerie and had patches of emerald green and navy blue that gave a thought of algal bloom on them.

After shuffling about twenty meters Dane and I heard an odd sound, it seemed to be coming from along the passage to our left, at the far end.

Very cautiously listening and hardly breathing I and Dane ventured a few steps in that direction. Again a sound of thud came and we looked at each other with fear in eyes and regaining our nerve we saw a window from which bright moonlight made the crisscross light passed through the netted steel sheet.

And as we turned right we saw a corridor which was as calm as a sleeping child and too had the blanket of an algal bloom on it.

Dane and I could feel the tension in our limbs and body and our hair raised seeing that we are from where we started.

‘Hey! Helly, Dane help me out’ hearing this I and Dane ran towards the window again and saw there was no window but Aaron lied on the floor almost breathless and with half-opened eyelids and his outfit smelled and was little torn and he seemed feeble.

‘Are you OK?’ I inquired.

‘Somewhat’ he murmured.

Dane helped him to settle at an immaculate place and offered him a last sip of water from his green plastic water bottle.

After feeling better Aaron narrated that there is a raven black gigantic, hideous, unyielding and squalid creature may be a ghost who is playing tricks on us and trying to trap us in his vicious circle. He was too trapped but luckily escaped.

‘He often turns himself into a window so that no one notices his presence’ he added.

‘I thought you were killed but luckily you are safe’ Dane consoled.

I and Dane recalled the existence of the window and felt nervous feeling an aura of ghost and souls all around. Because when we earlier went there Aaron wasn’t there and from where did he come from a closed corridor? I did not bother much and sat crossed legs left to Aaron.

Three of us debated how to escape from this daring expedition. After about half an hour of our solemn talks, we made a brilliant plan against the wicked being.

According to the plot I hid under the timber table along with a torch – because Dane suggested ghosts fear from light, Dane was with the mirror so that if ghost put his evil rays he reflects it back. Aaron surprisingly held nothing as he suggested that he knows the creature well so he could work as a bait for it.

We three figures were ready at our positions with our ears open that we could even hear the gulp made by any of us and our eyes straight like a ray of light and our eyeballs stuck and our limbs ready to react.

Four hours passed and nothing happened and I got a thought that the being has left.

I started to yawn and felt sleepy and I couldn’t control myself and slept sitting under the table. After a while I just opened my eyes to check is everything all right but what I saw after that I was shut and my eyes opened wide.

I saw Dane had slept calmly but Aaron slowly and gradually turned himself into an enormous ugly creature he told of and killed Dane and then saw left and right and turned normal again.

I shivered because I didn’t know what to do next and how to escape because I wasn’t able to comprehend that was Aaron only that creature we were escaping or not because the ghost this time did not turn into a window but into my good friend.

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