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The Chance Of A Lifetime

The Chance Of A Lifetime

2 mins

Oh! Mom where is my cup of tea? Said Rattan with his eyeballs sticked to the book and tried to comprehend some answers, but was unable to do so.

Mom came and yelled ‘you’ve been drinking tea too much these days, drink milk instead which would provide you energy and strength to memorize.’ On hearing this he made a foul face and ignored her.

His mom knew that now he had been 25 and still been trying to clear university’s entrance exam which he gave a hat-trick of failing.

Furthermore now it has been a chance of lifetime and his clearing the exam would not be less than winning a lottery.

Mother prays day and night for the son.

Thinking this she feels upset and Rattan inquired ‘Anxious for my result?’

She replied ‘No dear, you are the most intelligent giving the exam’ in order to strengthen him.

She changes the topic by saying ‘Rattan beta go and have a walk or play cricket with some youngsters in the nearby park, you would feel fresh. I have cooked your favourite dish today.’

‘Wow mom you are great. ‘Saying this he hugs his mother and goes to the park.

A boy sighed ‘Yeah! Rattan bhaiya is here’ and everyone starts playing.

Time passed like a river and it had been three hours playing and suddenly ball goes out of the park playing and Rattan goes to take it and as he picks up the ball; a car hits him.

Hearing his scream everyone rushed towards him and he was taken to the hospital.

He took time to recover and opened his eyes after six months and when he was back to his consciousness he asked his mother ‘What about my exam?’

His mother did not have the confidence to tell him that he had lost the last chance of life time, she could just now comfort him and help him to start a new phase of life as now he was also paralyzed.

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