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Bhavpreet Kaur


The Painting

The Painting

3 mins

The Villa stood under the cotton white blush red sky seemingly empty and stretching out to infinity. The shades changed every hour and when the heavenly light threw itself on the villa mesmerizing view hid itself from none.

The Rustic atmosphere of the pretentious residence was placed with vintage furniture. Classic touch reflected itself on the clocks, mirrors and furniture. The breathtakingly beautiful exterior stole the eye of the spectator. It was simply luxurious and picturesque.

In that elegant grand house lived ‘Rodriguez’ the wealthy men of the place. Danny Rodriguez lad of fifteen simply fast like a leopard and his wit of a fox lived there with his parents.

One day while ambling to the naughty mind of Danny it suggested to go up to the storeroom, might be he gets something interesting. Leaving the way to the garden he lurched towards the store.

He opened the door with a thud and a creaking sound was heard.

The Store was turned into a desert. Boxes stacked one upon the other and rolled carpets accompanied them. The eerie place was home to hundred spiders and a beam of light made its way through the only chunky small window.

Ignoring the other things around him Danny’s eyes dragged him towards the gigantic cedar brown framed painting of a figure.

The painting had dust and webs on itself. It almost covered half of the wall and the frame was made up of good quality wood.

When the trembling hands cleaned off the dust it seemed to him it was a sword.

‘Wow! A sword’ exclaimed Danny.

He began to clear off the dust from the whole painting as underneath revealed was the figure with strength and noble appearance. Blonde hair and fair complexion presented a handsome man. The rosy cheeks and white beard gave thought of a king. The figure wore different jewels and a royal dress with a sword in the hand.

It was no one the other but ‘Richard Rodriguez’.

‘OH! It is my great grandfather’ gushed Danny.

He tried to remove it and as he removed it behind, it, was a box which had some letters. Hairs raised of Danny seeing them.

Opening the letters he inferred that the letters were written by his great grandfather which mention that the painting it is the real treasure of the Rodriguez.

He wrote them when he was betrayed and was given poison to die within two hours. In the meantime he wrote the letters mentioning that his features of the face if read properly show the places where the gold coins and jewels are hidden. The frame if broken underneath has diamonds and ruby. The dress of his has the future plans written in tiny words of the Rodriguez for which he was betrayed. On the sword outline is mentioned the name of the betrayers in tiny letters.

This build up the painting of Richard Rodriguez.

Danny seeing them stood like a rock and stupors spread, like a wildfire within him, his heartbeat stopped for a moment.

He did not actually held the letter but the past and future of Rodriguez.

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