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Lost To Be Found

Lost To Be Found

6 mins

The desire to be immortal has lead many scholars of this world towards longevity and hoodwinked death.

Everyone recognized death in one way or another. But human history began by searching the immortality of Heaven's gift. 

This story is about discovering long-buried secrets from the trail of ancestors. Curl up in your bed with a cup of your favorite drink and some snacks and be entranced by this delightful story.

I will be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line.

Everything was normal until Steffie went into the deep forest to unveil the mysteries of life.

It was a serene evening and the city of Herrlich reposed in amber lantern lights with the growing darkness.

The princess Steffie sat near the beautiful fountain and was gazing at the beauty of sloppy hills that lead to the thick green forests. 

She thought of taking a trip with her sister to explore the adventure as she was in her tweenies.

Steffie and Stacie were blossoming at the age of twelve with Steffie having her dark brown hair, fair complexion, and dark eyes. 

Stacie resembled the same except she had brown eyes. She was a happy girl rather naughty and mischievous.

Together, they prove to be an example of the best companionship. Both of them were partners in crimes and they plan for every mischievous act in the castle.

When they returned home from the town, their parents embraced them and they sat together for dinner.

When Steffie was intended to talk, her father began his conversation about his next day trip to invite their relations and friends.

Steffie's face grew pale in color and she looked at her twin sister.

Having a blank look on her face, " why are you so troubled my little child" asked her mother.

Steffie replied, " Mama, As we grew up, we ought to explore this world and the nature of the forests.

Stacie nodded her face too.

Hearing this, Father leaned over his children and he promised to send them for a short trip.

Their parents prepared a jaunt (a short trip) for the twin sisters as they were not able to accompany them.

The next day, the queen decided to stay at the castle to oversee the works as she was worried about a fest that was to take place in a three day's time.

The king had departed to invite his family and friends who were living in a nearby town.

Steffie and Stacie with the troops journeying into the deep forest with their horses.

In a short while, Steffie felt a deep shrilling voice that drove her engrossed. Soon after the voices vanished, she realized none of her companions heard that voices.

The voices kept on insisting her to catch the fire into her heart until she pleads back as she was not able to bear the heat of the light.

In the midday, the sun was shedding some ray of light into the thick forest as they were heading towards the waterfalls.

On the other side, they glanced at a tiny roof farthest from where they stood. They decided to go there for a break before moving into a new direction.

But, Steffie in her thoughts, was pondering over the resonating sounds that whispered in her ears to take hold of a fireball she envisaged. 

As her thoughts were intensified, She decided to unveil the secrets of that mystical forest and the high calling.

Under the open porch of that house, an old witch was sitting and shell reading the future.

Steffie approached the witch and asked about the voices ringing in her ears.

The witch took a deep breath and signaled her to relax. Shortly after the troop had settled, the witch started her questions on what she dreamt of. 

Steffie explained what has happened before and waited patiently.

The old witch exclaimed and continued,

"You've been identified to receive this divine information from the ancient spirits.

It might foretell the signs of your upcoming events in life and as well as some divine experiences to expect the unexpected.

Stacie was restless and perplexed.

Stacie interfered with the witch, " what makes her so special to fulfill this purpose".

The witch replied that the forest had been enchanted long ago by a shaman. 

After some careful thoughts, the wicked witch was tricky and she made Steffie search for a rarely found emerald stone that has some sort of magical powers.

The witch advised furthermore, "Do not miss out on this rare opportunity, my friend".

Look into your divine forecast and let the powers in you bring answers to your questions and prayers.

Also added, "Remember to use this wisely..."

Stacie gave another bewildered look to Steffie.

Although Steffie hoped that she might reveal some insight, guidance, or revelation capable of transforming her entire life, she remained awful about the cost of risking her life for finding a mystic object.

Suddenly in the woods, her horse was left behind when it was drifted away. 

She looked behind the woods and to her regret, Stacie and the guards were not trailed after her.

She had chosen to go in the other direction and was lost in the woods astray.

It was a thick forest and a dense black fog surrounded her from all sides.

There she saw an old man who  

was unfolding from the woods and gave her an emerald stone that she was wishing for.

She stretched her hands and received the stone and looked deeply into it. 

She has not really recognized any connection between her spirit and the stone.

After a pause, the old man said, "It's not what you deserve".

When she tried to ask back questions, the old man had disappeared in a snap of time. 

Again she was left alone. She took a walk to find the way back home. 

But in vain she had wandered away from the path. 

Suddenly, she takes an alarming turn from the bushes when she heard the sound of a wolf beside her. 

All she wanted was to get away from it.

But she fell down and there was only a little she could do about it.

When she got up and tried to run away, she felt something mystic.

"There you are," a voice said behind her.

Her companions stood there and drove the wolf away by the torches.

Meeting them was like being reunited with their family.

Stacie embraced her and immediate ease in each other's company renewed. 

Gathering them, the troops continued to travel back home. 

They were just two kilometers away from the castle for this trip to be over.

While returning from the forest, Steffie believed that she was truly born to achieve something in her life to hold a bright future.

In the woods, she sensed something more than unusual when she was left alone.

"Hearing the spirits are special". She told herself. 

However, she doesn't see the possibilities of attaining it as it is out of her hands.

Very sooner, She realized she had to follow the secret paths for a new kind of adventure that happens to one in a million.

"The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it."

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