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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Rudra Kanti Karmakar

Drama Fantasy Others


Rudra Kanti Karmakar

Drama Fantasy Others

Contest For Love

Contest For Love

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Paradise is the abode of joy, mirth, and tranquility. It is the ultimate urge of man and even god but what good is paradise to a man who is wounded by the arrow of Cupid? A love-struck person finds paradise in the eyes of his beloved, her words are like the holy water dripping down her lips and her touch gives a sense of ultimate pleasure. Amidst the divine beauty of paradise sits the melancholic Romeo, the son of Montague and the prince of Troy, Paris both victimized of unfulfilled love, thus eternally damned in a state of melancholia.

”So, you took the poison out of confusion which in turn confused Juliet and she stabbed herself to death. Right?” Paris replied in a tone of mockery after hearing the whole story from Romeo.

“Don’t dare mock at my love story,” Romeo cried out in anger, unleashing his naked sword out of its shaft which has taken many a lives and death stinks out of that piece of iron, “I have killed Paris before, don’t force me to do that again.”

“You are an enthusiastic young fellow, but your infancy had left you with minimum experience in the game of love which is the cause of your tragedy. Have you been more careful and courageous your fate would have been different”, he replied keeping his calm.

“Fate had cheated me. But look who is giving lectures on love. The man who himself had tricked Menelaus and took his wife away is talking about courage. You are a malicious trickster.” Romeo replied pinpricking his opponent.

“Don’t question my courage. To take Helen out of Greece was more difficult than Hercules killing the Nemean lion or judging the fairest among the gods.” Paris replied in a boastful tone.

“But the outcome of your stupid act was much more severe than the action. Thousands of soldiers were killed without even knowing the actual cause of that great war. The magnificent city of Troy was completely destroyed. The legacy of the trojans came to an end. Does it really worth it. Love brings peace and tranquility to the soul and can never become an element of chaos.” Romeo replied trying to keep an upper hand over the trojan prince.

“You too killed people in the path of your conquest of love.”

“But see the end result of our love. It is true I have killed people but the end justifies the means. Our decade long rivalry which lasted between the two families lastly came to an end with our death. At least our love took part in some greater cause.” Romeo stood up spreading his hand to show his supremacy.

“Your words are very childish. Helen was the epitome of beauty. Your mortal eyes are too feeble to withstand her fair face, even the goddess of love, Aphrodite blushed seeing her beauty. Don’t judge our love merely on the outcome it came with. Even I’m ready to sacrifice thousands of such lives to get her once again.” Paris replied being enraged. He was never been disrespected like this while being alive. His blood boiled with wrath and envy.

“You tricked Menelaus in getting Helen and that’s not the right way to gain someone’s love. With the passage of time, your love story would perish forever.” Romeo cried out at Paris. His youthful courage clashed with the fury of the trojan prince. That’s the thing with youths they never keep a step back, may the subject be as trivial as an insect or as significant as the Trojan prince they would throw punches at anything that comes in their way.

“As long as the sun rises from the east, as long as a child who is born is destined to die, as long as love would remain the strongest force of nature our love story would be remembered.” Paris showed a glimpse of his divine love.

In the process of their quarrel various souls, fairies and angels gathered around them trying to figure out the content of their argument which had produced so much heat in paradise. Accordingly, they were taking their sides. Some were still in a dilemma and were unable to choose their sides thus were revolving around like a vagabond. The topic of their debate had created a fuss among the settlers.

Everybody started discussing, who has the greatest love story?

Romeo was holding his own ground. He can never withstand a negative word about Juliet. His world revolves around the heart of his beloved. Even all the fair faces in paradise couldn’t shake his love for Juliet. Paris, on the other hand, couldn’t withstand such disgrace. Not in his life and death, he had received such insult. His royal blood had always received the highest esteem from others. Helen was dearest to his heart and anything that brings impudence would receive a death penalty.

”You are too boastful about your love. Look at me, I have set a new trend in love. People never believed in love at first sight before. But I have proved them wrong. Even today when someone falls in love people start addressing them as Romeo. Our love story would forever remain immortal in the mouths of lovers. As long as there would be lovers in the mortal world our love story would be sung and praised.” Romeo replied after a pause. The spirits nodded their heads thus confirming the truth of his statement.

“Your love is a child’s infatuation. As a child is fond of some toy at this moment and seeing another toy his liking changes, just like that your love for Rosaline had at once changed to Juliet. If your love is such variable, then I must question your love.” Paris replied degrading the status of Romeo. 

“Rosaline never showed courtesy to my love while on the other hand Juliet found my love genuine and replied according to that.” 

“According to you if someone doesn’t reply to your love you would change the person of love. Isn’t it?” 

“You can address my love for Rosaline as a child’s infatuation but my love for Juliet is genuine. Romeo-Juliet are forever together.”

Thus, the spirits who were listening to the arguments were baffled and confused. They couldn’t withdraw a conclusion of the quarrel. There was a murmur going on among the spirits. Some considered Paris as the ultimate symbol of love while some took the side of Romeo.

“You know love is a feeling which is to be felt. There cannot be anything like the greatest epitome of love. Someone who is in love feels unmatched passion and enthusiasm which none but the person in love feels. So, it is a vague thing to argue with something which is this divine.” Paris replied breaking the silence.

“You are right. Love is something that is to be admired. Let’s spread love in this world which would bring peace among men. Let every lover get his beloved and pray no heart is broken from now.”

Thus, both of them departed, satisfied. Let love win over hatred once and forever. Let’s hope no throats are cut on the name of love. Let’s take a pledge of gratifying love.

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