Katherine And The Fairy

Katherine And The Fairy

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Once, there lived a girl named Katherine. She had hazel eyes, chocolate-colored hair, and a caramel complexion. She was very rich and was getting all the luxury that she can get. However, she took an advantage of being rich and misused it. This story is all about her realizing her mistake and making herself a better person.


It was a breezy morning. By hearing the ring of the alarm clock, Katherine suddenly woke up, hyperventilating. "Oh!That alarm clock startled me. "She got out of her bed, and got dressed. She then made her bed and got out of the room. "Everleigh!Where is my breakfast?I told you for it to be ready after i woke up," she said to the housemaid. "It's ready madam, i'm just bringing it", said the housemaid. Katherine gave a prompt reply of "okay". She then had her breakfast and was out the door. She went inside the car and told the driver to drop her to school as usual.

Soon, she reached school. She hurried in, and went for her first class, which was mathematics. She went inside the classroom and sat at a vacant seat. Suddenly, her best friend Samantha popped out of nowhere and wished her "Good Morning" Katherine too wished her "Good Morning". "Ugh!I can't believe the first class of the day is math. I absolutely hate it. ," said Katherine in dismay. "You hate math?I love math", said Samantha cheerfully. Soon enough math class had begun and the hours went by. Just like math class,the second period went by and no one realized when it had started. The bell rang, and all the students went out of the class to have their snacks at the cafeteria. "Can you believe how much homework has been given in math! That's the last thing I'd do on earth,"said Katherine sadly. "Today's my day,I'll have a lot of fun doing this homework,"said Samantha joyfully. Suddenly Katherine got an idea. She said:"Samantha, I have a request. Can you do the math homework for me?" "Again! No. I always do your math homework for you, can't you at least do this one by yourself?" "If you will not do it, I'll tell mother that you were the one who broke the vase. I had to blame my cat in order to save you," said Katherine threatening her. "Fine, I'll do it," said Samantha.

The bell rang again and the third period started. "Great, another forty minutes of torture," said Katherine incoherently. . . . . . . After five periods the lunch break started. Katherine opened her lunchbox and gave a cry of dismay. "A fruit salad! Eww . I'm never eating this. She snatched Samantha's lunch box and started eating it. "What are you doing!" said Samantha. "My mom gave me a fruit salad, and I'd never eat that. Plus i love your mom's homemade spaghetti," said Katherine. "But give it back to me. I will not eat this fruit salad,"said Samantha. "Fine then starve," said Katherine in a rude manner. So, Samantha was left to starve. Katherine had finished Samantha's lunch and threw her own lunch, which was the fruit salad , in the dustbin. The next two periods went by and the students went home. Katherine waited for Samantha, as she was packing her bag. "You take a lot of time, i'm leaving, and don't forget to do my maths homework,"said Katherine. "I won't was a short reply by Samantha.

Katherine went outside the classroom, and waited for the driver to arrive with the car. After five minutes, she saw her car coming. As soon as she got inside the car she shouted at the driver:"You are five minutes late! Do you know how hard it is to stand out in the cold for such a long time?'' "Sorry for the lateness ma'am, it won't be repeated", said the driver in a low voice. Both went silent. After a long ride of twenty-five minutes, they finally reached home. Katherine got out of the car and rang the doorbell. The door flopped open and her mother was standing there. "Hi mom,"said Katherine to her mother. "Hello dear" her mother replied. Katherine went inside, removed her shoes ad rushed upstairs to her room. She then took out her phone and started chatting with her friend. Then she asked her mother if she had bought the dress she had asked for. "Her mother showed Katherine the dress hoping she would like it. "Oh goodness, I told you to bring a red dress not a blue one!" said Katherine. "Sorry honey , I didn't know that", her mom said while calming her down. "Now I can't go to the party , and it's just because of you", said Katherine in a high voice. She went back to her room and slammed the door shut. Since being in a bad mood, she decided to have a good night's sleep. Soon after she felt in a deep sleep.

The hours went by and Katherine was still in a deep sleep. But she was awaken by a high voice that she heard. She removed her blindfold and saw a woman wearing a plain white dress, with a flower headband on her head. To Katherine's surprise she also saw wings attached to the woman's body. "Who are you!" said Katherine in complete awe. m"Don't worry dear,I'm just a fairy. My name is Aurora. " "A fairy!Is this a dream?" said Katherine. "No it's not a dream. It's all real. " said the fairy in a plain voice. "Okay, then why are you here?" said Katherine. "I'm here to show you your future". "Fine, then let us see my future". The fairy opened a whirlpool and suddenly they were in the future. Katherine saw a girl wearing ragged clothes, sitting on the footpath and asking for money. "Who's that?' asked Katherine. "That's you, your parents have passed away and you seem to have no inheritance. This is a punishment the Gods have given to you for misusing your luxury when you were young. " said the fairy. " No, This can't happen!I promise I'll be a better person. I promise. " said Katherine. "If you become a better person, I'll make your future better," said the fairy. Then they went back to the present and the fairy vanished.

The next day, Katherine apologized to Samantha and vowed to be a better person. . . . . .

19 years later, Katherine had a great job and she was loved by everyone for not only her beautiful appearance but also for her beautiful soul.


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