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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Yashika Das

Abstract Children Stories Fantasy


Yashika Das

Abstract Children Stories Fantasy

Dangerous Adventure!!!

Dangerous Adventure!!!

6 mins 1.0K 6 mins 1.0K

Once upon a time, there was a small town near the jungle. The jungle was very weird because whoever went inside the jungle; never returned back and hence the jungle was named as “Dark Forest”.

In that town, there lived two friends named Rohan and Mohit. Rohan liked adventures and so as Mohit, but Mohit was a little timid.

One day, both of them went to the library, where Rohan found a book named “Way to the Dark World”. As Rohit and Mohan both opened the book, suddenly a light flashed into their eyes and both of them disappeared inside the book and fell asleep. When they both woke up, they found themselves in a small cottage.

The cottage was very dark and scary. Both of them were looking around with a shocked and confused face. Then they saw an old man with a long mustache carrying a candle in his hand.

Rohan and Mohit screamed, “Where are we and who are you?”

The old man replied “My name is Venkatgiri and you are in the dark world in the dark forest. But don’t worry, I will not cause any harm to both of you. I am a sage”.

“Dark Forest!! Is this the weird jungle near our town?” Mohit asked with astonishment.

“Our parents had said that the forest is perilous” Rohit stated with a confused face.

“Calm down kids; I will tell you about this,” The sage said with slight worry on his face.

The three of them sat in silence. After a minute, Rohan broke the silence and enquired “What is the meaning of the Dark World?”

The old man replied, “Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there lived a devil. He had a palace which he had hidden under a rock mountain because his life was in that palace and hence he was concerned that someone could kill him if they manage to enter the palace. He got an idea of making his world, his ‘Dark World’. So he made this jungle where anyone, who enters, will be turned into a devil.” He further stated “I am safe because I am a sage and hence can’t die. But at the same time, I too myself can’t kill the devil, and so I made a book and named it “Way to the Dark World”. If someone opens the book to read and is also suitable to kill the devil, he or she would be sucked into the book to come to the Dark World. Since you both have been able to come here, it proves that you both can kill the devil. Rohan replied with a brave face, “We will surely help you Venkatgiri. But how to defeat the devil?” The sage replied, “Listen Carefully! First, cross the entire jungle until you find the rocky mountains. You will be able to see three caves there. Only one of the caves will have the way to the palace whereas if you enter any of the other two, you will burn into ashes. So you will have to figure out a way to find out which cave has the route to the palace since all three are the same caves. After entering the correct cave, please go to the palace gate. You will find two guards at the gate and hence have to make your way inside the gate without them noticing you. Then go to the top floor of the palace, and you will find a toilet there. Go into the 3rd one, and on the roof, you will see a roof gate. Open the gate, and you will see a heart-shaped diamond. Break the diamond, and your mission will be done”.

Mohit said, “That’s fine, but the two guards at the gate and the others will surely make us devils too if they see us”.

The sage said “Don’t worry!! I have some devil costumes. Wear it, and the other devils will think that you both are also devils. Now, quickly go”.

Rohan and Mohit wore it and went out of the cottage for their adventure. The place was very dark, and the marks on the black trees looked like demonic faces. Two or three devils were roaming around. The children were a little scared but knew that the devils are unable to recognise them. They took almost 3 hours to cross the jungle to reach the rocky mountains.

After reaching there, Rohan whispered seeing the three caves. “Oh, it’s very confusing. I don’t understand which cave will lead us to the palace?”

 Mohit thought for a while and answered, “Let us pick these three rocks and throw inside each of the caves. The cave in which the rock doesn’t burn that would be the safer one.”

So, they used that idea and observed that the middle one was safer. They went inside the cave and walked until they saw a big gate with two guards guarding it.

Rohan said with a confident face, “Can we go inside, please”. “You will need a devil ID to go inside”, one of the guards said. Mohit and Rohan thought what to do! Just then by mistake, a torch fell out of Rohan’s pocket. There was a grin on Mohit’s face. He quickly picked up the torch and switched on the lights and showed it towards the guards. Because of the light, the devils started melting and became black cloth. Mohit happily shouted. “I knew! I thought that they are weak towards the light”. Rohan replied with amazement, “Wow!! I don’t have a word for your smartness Mohit. Now, we can defeat other devils in the palace very easily”. They pushed opened the gate and saw at least a thousand devils busy doing some evil work. They flashed on the torch towards all of them. All the devils started melting. Rohan and Mohit made their path to the top floor and kept on melting the devils on the way.

They finally reached the toilet, went to the third one and opened the roofed gate. A ladder slipped down from there. Both of them went up and saw the heart-shaped diamond kept on the royal cushion. Both of them ran towards it to break it, but suddenly the king devil jumped in front of the diamond and said, “Both of you thought that it’s easy to kill me. Now I can easily make both of you a devil.” Rohan shouted as he switched on the torch, “We have a wonderful weapon to make you fool.” But the light of the torch didn’t melt the king devil at all. He was standing all right. The devil said, “I am not scared of such small things”. Then he threw the evil beam towards the kids, but the children jumped aside to be safe. 4

As both of them were on the sides of the devil, Mohit got an idea. He quickly screamed, “Rohan! This devil’s life is in the diamond. Flash the torchlight on the diamond!” Rohan quickly flashed it on the heart-shaped diamond. As he did, the king's devil started to melt.

After that whole of the jungle became green and the sky got blue. The weather also became pleasant. All the devils who had become black clothes turned into the people who were lost in the forest. The town became a happy place after that as all the people returned. Mohit and Rohan were also thrilled and became heroes of the town.

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