Violet Dsouza

Drama Fantasy


Violet Dsouza

Drama Fantasy

The Park

The Park

6 mins

Sally was amazed at what she was experiencing around her, she never wanted to leave this place.

It all started when she was coming home from work on Friday, when she got a call from her friend Harry.

"Hey! I just found out about this new place which is an awesome fun park. It's called Tamborine Land. We are all going there tomorrow. The whole gang, John, Peter, Natty, Wilma, Greg and I. You just have to come too!"

It was on short notice, and she had plans. She toyed with the idea of refusing but then decided against it.

"Ok, I'll come."

It was the most amazing time she had that weekend. They were greeted with a free Tamborine softdrink when they arrived. It was really refreshing as the carbonated drink energized them for the rides ahead. The variety of roller coasters were awesome and made for people of different age groups, the big drops, the underwater rides, Based on the average age of the group a smiling attendant suggested rides they might enjoy. The rides were awesome, the food was great, the entire park throbbed with lights, energy and was literally pulsating. She was on yet another rides when the sun had begun to set slowly....and everything seemed amazing and the cool air around her felt wonderful. She also felt tired and very sleepy. She didn't realise when the attendant helped her out of the ride and kept her in a comfortable room filled with colours. It felt so safe.

Inspector Brett began getting lots of missing person cases lately. He noticed a pattern - almost all between the ages from 22 to 28. Someone was kidnapping young adults....who and where?

Sally's mother along with many other mothers and fathers kept calling in to find out if there were any developments. They seemed to go into that fun park and then they definitely left the place - the park attendant had their exit scans out of the door as proof. But then they simply vanished from the face of the earth. But a few came back, with no recollection of that park. An alien abduction perhaps? The latest news he got was that park was closing for good.

Inspector Brett decided to check it out, as that blasted fun theme park was in under his area.

Inspector Brett although fit and strong, never ended up letting go of the bad habit of mumbling and grumbling under his breath, much to his mother's annoyance.

"Darned young people..." he muttered as he put on his police jacket and cap, " couldn't just go for a movie like everyone else...just had to go to a questionable new gun park....young people always get into trouble....and make trouble for me."

Just then an old lady came into the station.

"Ah Inspector Brett. I have come to hand myself in for kidnapping of the missing youngsters."

"Who are you?" The inspector asked suspiciously.

"Come Inspector. Let's have tea as we chat. After all I am helping you make your work easy by surrendering myself. I think that would warrant a cup of tea?"

"Hurrumph" grunted the inspector, but she had a point. A cup of tea, a chat and a solved case seemed a better option than hunting for clues and interrogating unwilling people outside. He signalled his subordinate to make two cups of tea, and seeing she had the manners of a lady, he decided to be polite as well.

Once they both had their cups in their hands, he began, "Dear Madam, please start by introducing yourself and why do you say you are responsible for the kidnapping the missing people."

The old lady began, "I am a genetic scientist by name of Ivanna Roftcliffe. I am rather well to do, being from a royal bloodline. So, I had dedicated my life to solving the problems humankind has inflicted on our planet. I finally found a solution to the increasing population on our planet. Actually the population is not properly distributed and people fiddle with nature and change the course of rivers and build dams. This obviously upsets the delicate balance of nature and leads to calamities and loss of lives of very high numbers. This kind of death is really awful. I thought, might as well control their very chance of existence. This was my last batch of youngsters I had apprehended for my experiment. I would observe the people most likely to socialize with the maximum number of people. You see I prepared their bodies with a welcome drink to neutralize their white blood cells and then sent them for exciting rides hiking up their adrenaline." She sipped her tea and continued nonchalantly, "Once their bodies were full of that then I inject a small dose of a serum which will amplify infertility of a specific genetic nature, in all of them. These can be my patients zero if you may wish to call them that. Now these people will be sent back to wherever I plucked them from. Now the best part is that this little serum that I put inside them can spread through contact and air once mixed up in their bodies. High adrenaline ensures the perfect absorption. Soon only the most strongest and fittest will be able to reproduce, thus saving humankind from poor genetic offspring and ensuring the best if the human race is to survive. No one can stop it now, almost everyone in the world will soon be exposed to it and they won't be the worse for it." She sipped her tea and smiled. "My work is done and we are all saved from weak offspring. The problem of over population will decrease gradually. Yes, I understand that fertility clinics business will boom, but they will be unsuccessful - such is the serum that I created. I also know that certain industries like adoption will benefit, but that's a fabulous thing although many men and women with potentially bad and weak sperm and eggs will end up childless, but it's for the greater good." Ivanna smiled at him, "Ofcourse this is a completely informal conversation, because I just had to tell someone. I have destroyed all records of my work and it can never be duplicated and nothing can be brought home to me. Plus all the missing young people are no longer missing now, and are in perfectly good health. That can be verified by any doctor. So even if you are recording everything I said, it would make no difference as there is only my word for it as all my work records are ash now as it's implementation is a phenomenal success. It has already started. Even I am injected with the serum myself and while talking to me you too are now one who will produce only if your sperm is of a particular standard." She finished off her tea saying, "So if you can make a case against me, I am willing to surrender myself. If not, then I will be on my way."

Inspector Brett' did not realise that his hot tea had turned cold.

"Huh...what?" He thought that he was smart to record the conversation...but that too was not good enough evidence, obviously this woman had thought of everything...and he suspected that she might be a mental case too as there was no way to prove anything she said was true or false. The people were back home, he had been getting calls that they had come home but with no recollection of what happened.

"Goodbye Inspector Brett. I really enjoyed the tea. Remember I just try to make the world a better place."

She left leaving Inspector Brett stunned with his cold tea.

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