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Violet Dsouza

Children Stories Drama

Best Friends

Best Friends

2 mins

Susy was an old woman who always smiled whenever she remembered Tina.

Tina was Susy's friend for as long as she could remember. Tina was a little older than Susy so she would always end up taking care of her. She would never let Tina play alone and would always comfort her when she was sad or hurt. Being an only child, initially she had no friend other than Tina.

Her mother didn't mind them being together so much, after all she was only 6 years old.

As school years went by, their friendship grew and blossomed. 6 years passed by and now they were preteens.

More friends entered into their lives from various classes, but somehow they didn't like Tina much. They said mean and hurtful things about Tina, like "Tina was unreal". Susy would get very angry and stomp away from them taking Tina with her. Now it was her turn to comfort Tina.

Tina would always be quiet and silent after such things happened. Susy would worry about her even more then.

Lately even her mother would almost always change the subject when it came to Tina.

"Mummy, Tina was sad today-"

"Oh I'm sorry dear, but we really should finish our science project."

Then one day Tina said she would have to leave Susy. Susy cried all day that day. She didn't tell her mother about it, as her mother too seemed distant and aloof when she would speak about Tina. She tried her best to hide her tears from her mother.

"Why do you have to go Tina? Please don't leave me. You are my best friend!" she begged Tina to stay.

Tina simply smiled and shook her head.

"Susy you have grown up now and no longer need me. I will always be part of your memories....and we sure had some great times together. But there comes a times when friends like me have to go away. I know you will not understand this now, but you will be able to understand later on. Imaginary friends like me have to go away so that you may continue growing into a wonderful well balanced person. Smile now because I will forever be a part of you to carry in your heart forever."

Susy smiled again.

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