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Full Circle

Full Circle

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David kept the spoon and dish down and began reading the story out loud. It was easy for him, as he was a professional reader for audiobooks and documentaries over various television channels. He enjoyed reading wildlife documentaries the most. It was challenging to make something so normal and natural in nature sound interesting and amazing for the viewers at home.

He remembered how he began to engage himself in reading. It was when he was four years old and his father would read little fairy tales for him before he went to sleep. His father a lumberjack, had a very rough voice and sounded terrible. He would always prefer his mother reading to him, her voice was lovely.

Usually at the end of the story his father would ask him "Did you like the story?"

It didn't matter whether the story was good or not, his answer would always be a very sullen, "No, I wanted mother to read for me." But his father ended up reading to him more than his mother.

This was their regular routine which continued for years.

It stopped only when David left for college to find his own life. He did too, in English literature, and the reading of it so. He had inherited the calm sweet voice of his mother with a hint of a strong timber from his father. The girls fell for him just because of his voice. The girls would sigh and tell him, "David! Your voice is so sexy, you really should announce things and read stuff professionally." So he decided to cash in on his inherited gift.

He became the guy with the voice and created a demand for himself and found himself getting a few jobs on the radio and them later into television series and documentaries. His voice made him a rather comfortable sum of money so he would drink lukewarm water and stated away from ice creams and other cold dishes that might prove harmful to his throat and voice. 10 years passed by, he got a wife and a baby. He was a settled man.

It was a sad day when he got a call telling him his mother had a severe heart attack. It was too late by the time he reached her. He and his father stood together, silently by the church accepting condolences from family, friends, and neighbors.

Two months later, his father wound up in the same hospital. He had a brain tumor, which had to be operated. Money was no issue as David had earned a tidy sum over the years for his voice plus some clever investments made him a comfortable life.

His father got operated successfully but he would have to stay on at the hospital for observation until the doctor gave the green signal. The tumor had drained a lot of energy from the old man and he needed to be fed.

That afternoon as David was feeding his father, he asked David to read to him.

So he put down the spoon and the dish and began to read the story out loud from one of the books he had with him. It was a nice spy book with guns and lots of action and a charming love interest. Despite himself David thought he had done a good job of reading it.

After David finished reading he asked him, "Did you like the story Dad?"

A sullen reply came at him, "No, I wanted mother to read for me."

Father and son laughed out loud, as they both knew they had come full circle.

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