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Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Romance Classics Inspirational


Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Romance Classics Inspirational

Love forever

Love forever

4 mins 184 4 mins 184

Verma ji was silent, could not decide, what should he say to his daughter.

 "Babuji! I have hurt you a lot, I will not ask you to forgive me. Whatever punishment you can punish me, I will not do it even uff."

 "Chhoti ! You made me sad, broke my trust. What did I lack in your upbringing?"

 "But Babuji! Kundan is a Good........"

 "Never again take the name of that Kundan in front of me, otherwise......."


 "Oh God! What day are you showing me? Why didn't I leave this world before I saw this day?"

 After saying this, Verma ji burst into tears.

 Shoma also became emotional after seeing her father crying. She started crying from her father's shoulders and said- "Papa! Please !! I am your culprit, you can punish me whatever you want. But I can not see the tears in your eyes. I am very bad, who make you sad strong hearted soilder like you." . Mother India will never forgive me. "

 Varma sighed silently, and began to try to get out of the ocean of his sorrow, to calm his cracked lips, clenching his teeth and lips.

 Mrs. Verma, who was still silent till now, seeing her husband's condition, came to him and started crying herself and trying to force him. - "Chhoti's papa! All the fault is mine. I didn't tell you all the things in the beginning" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I told you. I kept thinking that I will do everything right myself, this is what Chhoti took advantage of. "

 "It's all my fault, Chhoti's mother ! What I did not take care of my daughter, when the father of the daughter sleeps peacefully, then untoward happens."

 "But what will you do now, Chhoti's Bapu ? The water has now passed over the head. We have no other way left, how will you do now?"

 "Chhoti's relationship with Ram Prasad's son Kundan, how can I agree with Chhoti's mother? How many dreams did I have for my daughter? Your daughter did not think of me even once. Both you mother and daughter. Always do your own arbitrariness. "

 "No-no choti's papa! Now what is my fault in this? You haven't even loved the daughter. Took the smartphone without asking. You said, let it go, the daughter will study online in the lockdown. She used to tell me, at night she reads calmly. What do I know, what she used to do in the phone day and night. May it be my brother, who warned me about it. "

 "Yes! Yes, now you too will blame me. I used to sit here at home to guard your daughter. The daughter always stays with you, what does she do at night? How long does she wake up? What is this all about?" Is my responsibility? "

 "What do I know about this? I have been thinking this, I am studying. But what it has read, everything is telling its results."

 "Papa! Give me one more chance. I will pass the good numbers this time, but don't marry us so soon. I love Kundan. I will wait for him, you say he is not worth it. I I'll wait for him until something happens. Please, father! Don't take any decision in such a hurry, that our life will be spoiled. Give me one last chance. Please papa ! "

 Verma ji said with some thought - "Okay son! I give you one last chance. But you have to forget Kundan. I am giving you this opportunity because you do not study for the sake of waiting for Kundan, and you study hard and Stand on your feet, so that in the future you will come to live by yourself. If in the meantime, Kundan will become worthy of you. Then I will gladly offer it for you. But now focus all your attention on studies. "

 "Okay dad! I will not give you a chance to complain anymore. I will study diligently."


 The story has many parts. Don't forget to read the next part of the Story.)

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