Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Horror Crime Thriller


Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Horror Crime Thriller

The Hero Of The Night

The Hero Of The Night

12 mins

Dear Readers! This story is completely fictional. It has nothing to do with any living being or person.

 Suddenly I felt as if someone was lying next to me. When I touched it, I felt it as cold as ice. I also felt wetness in my fingers. Then rubbed my thumb with the fingers, then I felt something wet and sticky in my hand. I tried to sniff it by taking it up to my nose, what it got in my hand. But it seemed completely odorless. Then I again looked at the object I felt next to me by touching it. It looked like a human body.

 I tried to look at my bed in the dark with my eyes open, but I could see nothing but shadows. Yet I ran out of my bed screaming, because I remembered very well, I am alone in the house today.

 I stopped at the main entrance of the house. Where could I go by running ahead, because the door was locked and the key was in my bedroom.

 My breath got stuck, now even if I run away, where should I go? I looked at my left hand. Then I looked at my right hand as well. I was surprised, because now I was holding nothing in my hands.

 Then I took courage and decided to go to my room and look at the thing lying on my bed which seemed to me like the human body. I was moving forward in fear. When I reached my room and turned on the light in fear, there was nothing on my bed anymore. I wondered, what was all this, was it my illusion, or a dream....?

 I was getting tired. When I looked at the clock, it was already half past two. This meant I was only able to sleep for half an hour.

 Yet I no longer dared to sleep on that bed. I came out of that room and closed the latch of that room and then came to the drawing room and started trying to sleep on the sofa. But there was no sleep in my eyes.

 Tonight was a night of great hardship for me. Taking out the dead body kept for post-mortem and burying it in the deserted desert in so much rain was no less than a big mission.

 Today a renowned property dealer of the city had lost his blood. But after doing the Panchnama of the police, it was four o'clock for the body to come to the hospital for post-mortem. Before that, three bodies were kept in number for post-mortem.

 The doctor also had to leave on time today. He said to me, 'It is five o'clock now. After clearing one, I will see the remaining two tomorrow morning.'

 I also got the two bodies lying in waiting, placed on the table of the morgue, built along with the post-mortem hall.

 After the doctor left, I also locked the hall and deposited the key and took my bag from the changing room and left for the house. As I went on, I remembered. 'Today, the responsibility of taking vegetables is also mine, because today Mrs. has gone to the maternal house with Bal Gopal.

 I turned towards the vegetable market. From there I wanted to reach home early with vegetables. Then two men stopped me under the deserted bridge.

 " Wait !!"

 "What's the matter, who are you guys?" Seeing them both, I asked in agreement.

 " Come with me !"

 "What if I refuse to leave?"

 "Then you won't be able to go home on your own feet. You see this, don't you?" One of the two said showing me his revolver.

 I got scared and started walking with them.

 "Look! You have to do a little work for me?"

 "Let me go! I'm of no use to you."

 "You are saying this, but I know, how much you are of use to me?"

 "Then tell me what do you want?"

 "We have to make a body disappear from the hospital."

 "What? But how can I help you with this?"

 "Can you help me out?"

 " How is that ?"

 "I'll tell you all that, because I know only you can do this, and you're very useful to me."

 "No! I can't help you, because I have nothing under your control."

 "If nothing is in your control, then get ready to die."

 "Okay, what should I do?"

 "I said no, a dead body has to be taken out of your morgue."

 "Oh! but how is that possible?"

 "Leave it all to me, just do what I tell you to do."

 "How, what should I do?"

 "Go to the hospital and take the key from the guard room, the guard will not tell you anything. Then move the property dealer's body from the boundary wall to the other side. I will wait for you till then. You will come back with me and dispose of that dead body. I'll help you."

 "But then tomorrow morning when the body will be found, what will I answer?"

 "You have come at five o'clock by depositing the keys of the dead house in the security room, after that no one will ask you anything."

 "Still, I will be caught in the search because my picture will come in the hospital cameras."

 "Don't even worry about it, because you'll go in by climbing the wall from the back boundary, not from the main door. And before you enter, you have to turn off the morgue's electricity and cameras until you leave. Will go."

 "Hmm! What will you do if I don't come back with you after that?"

 "Do you not want to see the face of your children and wife again tomorrow, who have gone out of the house today? Don't try to manipulate me, otherwise we are only two steps ahead of you."

 "Oh! ... it's okay." I too scared him and told him in a jiffy.

 "Okay then, you don't need to go home now. There isn't much time left for you to walk around the house. We can get the body out of there at eight o'clock in the evening as well."

 I was forced to stay with them. Both of them kept making their plans and I kept listening to them.

 It was now half past six in the evening. It was the month of February. There were light clouds in the sky. They made up their mind to execute the plan just now. The three of us took the car and reached near the back boundary of the hospital where the morgue was built. The way back was completely deserted. Behind the hospital, there was a godown of the Electricity Corporation on this side and a narrow road was built near the boundary.

 According to the plan, I had to climb the wall alone and enter the morgue. Now the electricity in the morgue area was missing. I reached inside by climbing the wall. It was absolutely dark inside. As I started passing from the front of the dead house to the guard room, my regattas stood up.

 I was running scared. Then my leg got entangled in a trolley, which was not visible due to darkness. I stumbled and fell on the stretcher trolley. On which the dead body coming from outside was kept unloaded, or after the post-mortem, the body was kept on it while loading it in an ambulance. My hand and mouth collided with the top of the trolley. After the post-mortem, something simple leaking from the body, which was mounted on the trolley, hit my face. I tried to clean my face with my hand, but the liquid in my hand also accidentally got in my mouth. Now I thought it appropriate to wipe it in my shirt.

 When I reached the guard room no one was there. Don't know why the door power was also off at that time. I raised my hand and took the key and groped it in the dark and saw it, so it was fine. I could recognize this key even with my eyes closed.

 Then I quickly headed towards the morgue. Every morning I used to open the door and close it in the evening, but now my hands were trembling while opening that lock. After a lot of effort, the key entered the lock, yet I was not able to open it quickly. Then suddenly the lock opened.

 I entered inside keeping the lock and key there and started looking for the body of that property dealer. My whole body was trembling with the atmosphere inside. My hands and feet were completely trembling. Then I quickly started trying to get out by placing that corpse on my shoulder. So once again, I stumbled and fell while climbing the stairs to the door of the post-mortem hall.

 Now I was down and the body had fallen on us. I felt as if the dead body had slammed me. I felt like I was going to faint. After a while I got the courage to sit up, then I looked at myself.

 The blood leaking from that body was drenching my body. Suddenly it came to my mind that if the blood dripping from the body fell on the way to the boundary, then the theft would be caught in the investigation. Then I wrapped it in cut wrapper polythene.

 Once again keeping him on his shoulder, he started moving towards the boundary wall. Reaching there I realized, I could neither lift that body from my shoulder to the height of the boundary, nor could I throw it out of the boundary. Then I started thinking, 'What to do, I rolled the trolley in front of the post-mortem gate. Now put the trolley near the wall. After placing the body on it, I also climbed on that trolley.

 I gave voice to both of them, then in response, both of them talked about themselves to be the same. Once again I tried and raised the body and started trying to catch them both across the boundary. After some effort, both of them grabbed the body and kept it in the trunk of their car.

 I kept that trolley in its place and started looking for the lock and key of the room, but it was not visible. I looked outside the room, but he was not there either. Once again I came inside the morgue and started looking for him here and there.

 I thought, 'Somewhere I have not taken him inside. I went inside and started looking for him under the light of the torch. But I could not find the lock and key anywhere. That's when I felt something swirling on my feet. I jumped all of a sudden and got scared. Then I saw a mouse jumping and running to the other side.

 Before I could calm down, I felt someone's touch on my shoulder. I was absolutely scared. I felt in my heart as if all my blood had dried up.

 Still trying to look in fear, he found the security guard standing like an executioner, wearing a knee-length overcoat, standing in front of him. Still, I got scared seeing him as if there was some other ghost.

 I was about to run away from there, when he extended the lock of the room towards me and said, "How long have you been doing it? How long will I finally do a power breakdown in this area? How long have I been watching , you are doing it here and there. Outsiders are calling you. Looks like you were looking for this lock."

 Now I know that this is not a ghost. " Yes Yes !" A low voice came out of my throat.

 "It had fallen down the stairs. It was only when I turned on the torch that I saw it. Now you go, I'll turn it off."

 Then I reached the other side by climbing the wall without stopping from there. Now all three of us were on our way to our destination. As we went on for a while, the lightning started flashing and it started raining. We were three yet it all seemed very scary to us.

 On our way we came to a secluded place. One said, "Yes, it will be fine here." Then stopped the other's car.

 Now it was time to dig in with a shovel. The three of us took turns digging for hours after taking off our fatigue. The soft soil was easily excavated. The rain had also intensified. But we kept digging.

 Once I noticed that the shovel is not getting stuck in the ground. Jumping with a rumbling sound. When I saw it pressed with my foot, it was something hard. Then I checked him with the corner of a shovel and saw, 'Oh this is a skeleton.'

 "Look at this! The body is coming out here too." Then the three of us decided, it's not okay to dig anymore. We buried that body too by putting it in it and uprooted and planted the saplings from above.

 Now all three of us wanted to get out of there quickly. It was half past ten in the night. As we moved forward, our car broke down. Now she could not even start. Together we hit a lot but the result is the same 'Dhak Ke Teen Pat'.

 Then we started thinking, 'Now we are so far from the city, how will we reach home?' Then a woman filtering anklets appeared coming towards us. Seeing him, the blood of all three of us started drying up. I felt as if I was certain to die now. Because in such a night, on such a deserted road, it was not less than a surprise for us to see a woman walking towards us alone in the rain.

 Where could the three of us leave our car and run away? We were three, so we acted courageously. Decided, 'What happens will be seen'.

 That woman came to us and said, "My brother is admitted in the city hospital. I was going to meet him.

 "We are all troubled ourselves, our car is not starting at all."

 "That's it! Can I check your car?"

 "Yeah-yes! Why not!" the driver agreed.

 As soon as the woman turned the key while sitting on the driving seat, the car started.

 Now she insisted on driving the car. We were not getting people to do anything. When she started driving, our blood was running dry. Then she brought all three of us to the city and got down herself and went towards the hospital.

 When I reached home, I was not hungry even after trying so hard. Still, I drank warm milk and lay on my bed.

 After such an incident happened in my house, now I could not sleep in my eyes.  

Everything from the evening till now was swirling in my mind. Suddenly my eyes went to the chair lying in the corner, then I saw the same lady who had brought all three of us to the city by driving, was smiling sitting on the chair in my drawing room.

 As soon as I saw him, she said, "Gajendra! You all have awakened me from the sleep of years. You have cut and scattered me here and there. Now where will I go except you?" There was an echo in the room. The next day when I regained consciousness, I found myself on a hospital bed. I tried to remember yesterday's incident. The whole incident of last night flashed through my mind like a movie once again. When I looked at my head, my wife was sitting here crying. I could not understand the reason for her crying. I didn't even dare to ask him anything. Suddenly my eyes went to the bed next to me. I saw that the same lady of the night was sitting there staring at me. Once again a scream came out of my throat.

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