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Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Abstract Classics Inspirational



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Shekhar was about to pass half of his age, but even today he could not understand his mother. Knowingly or unknowingly, he had hurt his mother's heart, then he had be filled with selflessness and self-loathing. But the mother was the 'mother', she was full of love, who forgives mistakes or is compelled due to old age, if she was sad, she weeps for a few moments, then she became normal.

         Seeing all this, Shekhar's heart had feel tremble. If anytime his words hurt the mother, then he had curse himself for many days, then taking care that his words never hurt his mother. Nevertheless, sometimes such situations would arise that he had again say something in annoyance and anger even if he did not want so.

Then he think it did wrong. Why didn't he control himself? 

            He knew his shortcomings but by then it was too late. When he remembered his bygone days, his heart feels to cry. when he was as a child,. How much did her mother care for him? He does not even remember many things. But when Shekhar devotes time to caring his children, he was forced to think, 'Oh ! My mother must have brought me up with the great amount of effort and hardships, wouldn't it?  I don't know how many sleep nights he must have spoiled for me. How many times would she have slept on the bed that I made wet? How had she has fed and raised me by cutting her diet even in the days of your poverty?

         He remembers very well the day when he was a little older, apart from him he has two brothers and a sister. He had three brothers, a sister and his parents, thus Shekhar had a family of six members . He still remembers how sad and painful the rural life of his family was. His father did not have much land in the village, only a small piece of land. Which was sown with a shovel etc.

         The crop was sown. There was not enough grain on that piece of land, which could feed the family throughout the years.

His mother had taken some more land share land with agreement to give grains or money to landlord by asking his father.    

                Now the problem was plowing the fields, there were no plows and oxen. Then his parents used to work in the fields of other bullock having farmers, and the farmer used to plow their fields with his mercy.

         It continued like this for a few years, due to lack of animal, there was also a lack of firewood in the house. His mother used to cook food for the family with grain stalks and straw while fighting the smoke. When he was a teenager, he did not understand how much trouble his mother had to make food by making his eyes red with smoke.

       Then there would come a time when even the straw and the stalks of the grain were finished . His mother used to go to the fields and forests and cut the bushes, then his family could get the taste of rice and mad (kanjhi, the liquid that has been removed after cooking rice) and salt.

         He continues to be forward even today by remembering his mother's sacrifice and penance. Her mother would often be happy herself by feeding everything to her sisters and brothers and father even after being hungry. Now there was no such quantity of food items, so that all those brothers and sisters could enjoy the food to the fullest. Yet his mother would never let him realize, that dal-vegetable or rice-roti was over now.

    She used to happily serve her share part of food too, and says, "Son! Today I am not hungry, I had eaten sattu (Powder made by roasting and grinding gram, wheat, or barley etc.) in the afternoon, which has not been digested till now. You guys eat it. On this, when his father looked at his mother with pity eyes, she used to signal him to keep quiet. As if you are saying, don't you worry dear, if the children ate, then understand that I also ate.

      Then after a few years, as soon as the money was added, and by taking some loan, a bull was bought. But now how to do farming with a single bull, then it was shared with a farmer with a similar single bull. Then both the fields were plowed alternately with the two oxen. 

          Mother's work had increased, she used to give feed the bull in the morning and evening and after getting rest from plowing the fields she took care of it like her sons.

        It had now become his routine to make cow dung cakes every morning. Days passed like this. Even then, there was a shortage of food grains, the grain from the fields was not complete throughout the year. Because half of it was given to the farmer. The crops are not ready that the mother used to have a desire for food.

      When the paddy crop was about to start ripening, the rice was used to cut and thresh it. The same condition was of bull's straw and fodder. In this apprehension, the mother had to cut the fodder from the mud boundary of paddy fields filled with water, so that the bull's fodder would not end before the time.

          Shekhar's mother was more venerable of the Mother India for him. Whenever he saw the scenes of the film Mother India, his eyes fills of  tears.

       Time passed, his mother did not keep any gap in the education of him , her sister and his brothers. Because mother knew very well the importance of education. Even though she herself did not get a chance to study beyond the primary classes. But she did not want to deprive her daughters and sons of education. She herself used to suffer, used to handle all the work herself, but used to give enough time to the daughters and sons to study. Shekhar's maternal grandfather was a teacher himself, yet bound by social stereotypes, did not get his daughters to get education beyond primary. The middle and high schools were a little far from the village. He educated his nephew and made him a educated personal.

But he used to say this for daughters. "She is not the son, who will go this far to study?"

           Her mother kept sobbing like a unfeathered bird, but could not go to school any further. Whereas today her friends who belonged to a family of high-mindedness, they are all teachers today.

              With time, Shekhar's elder brother Sagar has now passed the twelfth. Feeling emotional, he said to the mother, "Mother! Now I will not study, I want to go to the city and work. I do not see this condition of you and your family."

  The mother also ordered him in the hope that the condition of the family could be better.

           Sagar has now gone to the city. But when he went, he got lost in his own charming world, he forgot his home and family to attract the glare of the city. Now he used to work again after completing his expenses, or used to spend his day by borrowing. Now he was not concerned with his duty and the responsibility of the house. He never sends money at home after earning, and never sends a letter to the house or sends any message.       

            Shekhar's parents felt that he was lost somewhere? But sometimes the news of his exploits used to be received by the villagers at home who lived the same city of sagar . The mother also married Shekhar's elder brother Sagar, so that he might be able to concentrate on earning from the responsibilities of the family. But still there was no improvement to Sagar

  mother was in the hope that the daughter-in-law would help her in old age by staying at home and then the son would earn some support in the house.

               But Sagar did not care about his family and mother. After a few days of marriage, he insisted on taking his wife with him and went to city. After that he forgot the house. Then the mother used to be worried and worried for Sagar. But he was not worried about his mother. Many years passed by weeping for Sagar. Now slowly the mother was patient. That's how time passed.

                 Shekhar also grew up and went out of the house to improve the condition of his house after reading something, teaching and writing to younger siblings and better life of his family. He was engaged in his labor practice for many years, finally his hard work paid off. Along with the education of his siblings, the standard of his family became better than that of the common people.

                      A few days later Shekhar's younger sister Anita got married in a prosperous family. Then Shekhar's and a few days later the marriage of his younger brother Madan also took place. Now Shekhar had started doing his business, and his younger brother, Madan, had also got a good job. The Shekhar family was living their life happily. Now all the children of Sagar, Shekhar, Madan and Anita were growing up and doing their studies.

              Meanwhile, once Sagar's family came to the village. Sagar's two brothers were angry with him, but forgiving all the mistakes of their children, the mother who forgot her, was very happy to see her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren and gave them a place in her house.

                Then Sagar started visiting the house like this after many years, but he still did not give any financial help to his family on any occasion. Now Sagar's daughter had become marriageable. But Sagar had not given proper attention to his education, due to which his education could not be completed. But due to old age, it was necessary for him to get married in time.

           Sagar was not able to add money even for the marriage of his daughter Sarla due to his workmanship. She cried her grief in front of her mother, so the mother agreed to sell even a small piece of land and give it to Sarla's wedding. But both the younger brothers revolted and asked Sagar - after all what money have you added for Sarla's marriage? Even if you sell this little piece of land that is left over, then where will our children build a house to hide their heads? Sagar's brothers also did not have deposits. He too had invested all his deposits in trading and buying other real estate.

                   But the mother was adamant on her point, she told Shekhar and Madan - now whatever you both do, but both of you have to arrange money for Sarla's marriage. Either withdraw money from your business, borrow or sell the land. The mother also faced Shekhar's opposition, yet she remained in her place.

          In the end, the whole family together played their part in the marriage. There is only one mother who becomes the thread herself, bearing all the pearls, keeping the family in a single thread like a garland. Salute to the mother's love which always spills for all her children without any discrimination. But Shekhar, Madan, Sagar or Anita    

       Sometimes feel even today, that mother differentiates in her love. But this is not a difference in his love, just a sympathy for his weak and poor children, which he should understand like reservation of the government. In which she tries to get the rights of the underprivileged. Blessed 'Mother' and her love.

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