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Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Abstract Horror Thriller


Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Abstract Horror Thriller

Love Forever (Revenge)Part-3

Love Forever (Revenge)Part-3

6 mins 102 6 mins 102

Soma and Kundan were married. She comes to her in-laws and is very happy. Today is his honeymoon. It is evening, but Kundan was not at home. He went to the market in the afternoon. Just a while ago, Rupa made a call to her brother, so he said that he is coming home soon.

 Soma is talking with her sister-in-law and friend Roopa. Both are talking about the memories of their past. Rupa then went to her room, telling herself to be tired. Soma was sitting and waiting for Kundan. She too felt some tiredness. She lay down on the bed.

 How much does she want Kundan whom she used to participate in, always had wanted to do any of his good and bad things. Although Kundan is very fair in nature, he was very tender of heart vexed sometimes. He likes to talk to people and makes friends. Once again she was deep in memories of the past.

 Soma felt sad about herself. Kundan rejected her love request. Despite repeated pleas, he was not listening to Soma's words.

 "I have only wanted you, Kundan! It is my life's dream to make you my soul mate. I cannot live without you."

 "But Soma, I love someone else."

 "Then why did you take my heart out of me?"

 "I have never match my heart from you. I have been always trying to convince you to this day that I do not love you, but you do not want to understand it."

 Soma kept pleading again and again, but Kundan pulls his hand to her left too.

 Soma was now very sad. Now the world became dull for her. Now she did not want to live by losing Kundan. She proceeded to home weeping.

 When she reached the electricity's canal bridge of the dam, the sound of a falling torrent of water caught his attention. He decided to end his life by jumping into the dam, and jumped down the bridge without thinking. Now she felt her life ending, going up and down in the water. She felt like she is choking now. She won't be able to survive. Such suffocation that at the moment her life will end now.

 But slowly her consciousness started returning. She thought she was alive. Still, she could not move her body even after wishing. She was unable to speak even after wishing. She slowly felt life in her body, stirred her hands and feet, slowly opened her eyes. She tried to look around him.

 She found herself on her bed, dressed for her honeymoon. Soma was strong-hearted but she had not yet recovered from such a nightmare. Still, her heart was throbbing with the matter of leaping into the canal by her. She was trembling with fear. But now she wanted to keep her heart strong and strong.

 ‌ Then she saw two round shining things in the corner between the cupboard and the wall. Which had strange horror flashes. She felt as if two eyes were staring at her. Suddenly that jumped on Soma's chest before she could understand anything as she wanted to see it. Scared Soma screamed and threw her away with her hands and body. The cat ran away speaking loudly meow.

 Hearing the sound of Soma's screaming,  Rupa came to her room. Soma was very scared. The cat pierced her nail on Soma's neck.

 Rupa looking at Soma said- "Sister-in-law... look at your neck."

 Soma put your hand under the neck, then looked at her palm, then she screamed. Her palm was colour with blood.

 Rupa cleaned the blood with a handkerchief. There were two marks that the blood was coming out. She tried to stop the blood by pressing with a handkerchief, then applied for the medicine on her.

 Rupa said- "What happened sister? Why did you scream so loudly? And the blood?"

 Soma said with controlling her breath- "c.a.t ... cat! The cat had jumped on my neck, I hurriedly threw it away and threw it away."

 "Cat? I haven't seen any cat? The cat never comes to my house."

 "Roopa di(Didi, sister)! Did you not hear the sound of the cat-meow loudly?"

 "no ?"

 Soma was scared, why did Rupa not see and hear the cat, when the cat purr so loudly - why did Rupa not even hear the sound of the cat doing the purr?

 " Please tell me what happened, sister-in-law? Why did you scream so loudly? Then how is this blood coming out?"

 Soma said trying to moderate herself - "I ... I ... I had a terrible dream. A dream that I had never seen in my life."

 "What did you see in your dream?"

 "I jumped into the canal after Kundan's rejection of my love proposal. I was choking for a long time. Then my body slowly regained consciousness."

 Rupa could not speak anything after hearing this. Winds of fear look blowing on his face.

 "Tell me Rupa Di! After all, why such a dream came only blink of an eye..."

 Rupa said with a few pauses- "She ... That Chanda'. "

 "Who's the Chanda I don't know any of the Chanda."

 "It was two years ago. Chanda of Khet village loved my brother unilaterally. When the brother refused her marriage proposal, she jumped into the canal and gave up her life."

 "You both never told me these things?"

 "What would it tell you? Perhaps her wandering soul, now after the marriage of you and Kundan, she cannot bear her yearning."

 Soma was very scared to hear this. Her body began to shiver. Rupa started trying to normalize her by hugging and filling her in her arms.

 Then some people's voices started coming to the door. Rupa went to see the noise. She saw that the ambulance was standing at the door. Kundan had plastered on his both feet. Four people brought Kundan home and lay him to bed.

 Soma began to cry bitterly after seeing all this. Kundan said to his family that he was stating that a cat near the canal's electric dam bridge, had missed the balance of his bike. Thankfully he did not fall into the water, collided hit with the supporter and rolled further into the ditch. He was not even aware and was fainted. The crowd had gathered. My friend Raman saw me and took me to the hospital. I refused him to call the family because I don't want to panic you.

 Soma was very scared. After some time, Kundan's father also consoled the three and, sadly, went to sleep in his room.

 After a while, Rupa told Soma's dream and cat about Kundan. Kundan also trembled to know all. Roopa, Soma and Kundan were all scared.

 There was no sleep in anyone's eyes. Soma's eyelid just blinked, that hearing the cat's purr disturb her sleep.  She opened her eyes fearing and trembling and began to tremble.

 Rupa asked- "What happened sister-in-law?"

 " ..... cat! The cat came again."

 "Where? I haven't seen it. Sister-in-law try to sleep, it will be on your mind"

 Kundan said- "Soma! Come to me and lie down."

 But the Soma who had so much desire for her honeymoon did not dare to lie down near to her husband. When she closed her eyes while sleeping, she felt that someone would press his neck. She quickly opened her eyes. She could not see anything except the sleeping Rupa and Kundan. She started crying bitterly.

 Now she was taking deep breaths. Then she fainted. Rupa calls her father. He Splatter of water then Soma recover her senses.

 Knowing all the matter, Kundan's father became very sad too. He restrained the three, and said - "I am sitting here, all of you try to sleep."

 To be continued

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