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Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Romance Classics Inspirational


Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Romance Classics Inspirational

Love forever (part-2)

Love forever (part-2)

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   In just a moment, only eyelid would blink, that Soma wokes up with his mother's voice. She saw it was morning. She bowed to Suryadev(The Sun) with heart. Wishing him his blessings in his future life, upon seeing Soma his mother said- "Daughter be fresh and ready. Farewell soon."

 Soma had no fatigue in his eyes even after waking up overnight in the rituals of marriage. After years of waiting, today her dream came true. After falling in love with Kundan, Soma had decided that if she married, she would do it only to Kundan. While the restrictions and resentment of the parents were different, Kundan also used to get angry sometimes. Keeping feel good Kundan for these eight years of love was also no easy than the big mission.

 When Soma passed the tenth board examination with good marks, the inter college in his village did not have facilities for daily classes due to lack of a teacher. Tuition was also not available in the village. Soma asked her mother for permission to attend a coaching class in the district. After the mother advice Soma had permitted. Soma's mother after a few hiatus, guidelines she allowed her to go to coaching.

 There she was introduced to her classmate Rupa. In a few days, Rupa became her firm friend. Similarly, Rupa, who studies same class, was also introduced to his brother Kundan. She liked Kundan. She used to get mesmerized by hearing his voice. It is not known when she fell in love with Kundan. She often asks her friend Rupa about Kundan, how does he think? What does he like, What does he eat and drink? She wanted to know everything about Kundan.

 Soma did not dare to ask her heart thought to Kundan. Whenever he met her, she used to see him with hidden eyes. A few days later she felt that Kundan was also taking interest in her. She sees that Kundan too, often sees her, whenever he gets a chance. Soma felt love for herself in Kundan's eyes.

 One day, Rupa asks Soma for a book and takes it to her house. The other day she returned the book to Soma. When Soma opened the book to read it at home, she found a letter in it, which had Soma's name. In which there was no name of the sender. But she thought Kundan has written do such a letter to me. She asked Rupa about the letter. Seeing the handwriting, Rupa said - "The letter is written by his brother, just as you ask me all kinds of things about him, similarly Kundan only talks about you when he is in solitude with me." I've told him all I know about you. I think my brother loves you."

 This know Soma was delighted. She thanked God in her heart, that her wish was fulfilled.

 Soma had meet with Kundan at the wedding of Rupa's elder sister for the first time at Rupa's house. Soma told to Kundan all the things in his heart. Kundan was also happy. He confesses that he too loves Soma.

 In this way, the love's train of both of them moved forward. Soma's mother came to know about this a few days later. His mother took all the information about Kundan from Soma. Her mother told that she knew both Rupa and Kundan his parents. Soma's mother's house is also next to her in her father's own village. Kundan's father also knows Ganesh Rai. One day your father was telling that Ganesh Rai had brought his sister's relationship for your father. So your grandfather denied the relationship. His family is not worthy of our family. There is no need to have any further relationship with Kundan. His mother had explained to him a lot.

 Soma fell into disarray. Her dreams have crumbled. She could not understand what to do.

 She could not get away from Kundan. He always searched her mind. ,

 She tried not to talk to him for several days, but she could not stop herself.

 New obstacles kept coming, but Soma never got discouraged. She never told anything about this to Kundan. She was able to bear everything herself.

 She did not stop meeting and talking with Kundan. His teacher also got to know about this. He approached both Soma and Kundan and tried to explain both of them in a great way, but both of them did not understand even his words. Both were crazy about each other. Both were cut off from their studies. They were always lost in memories of each other. As a result, Kundan failed in the twelfth. Soma also got very few marks, she passed from the third category.

 The matter reached Soma's father. Knowing all this, her father was very angry. He decides to marry Soma elsewhere in a hurry. Soma apologizes to her father, she says give him another chance to study. Don't marry her so soon. Her father agreed to her by giving her an opportunity to do well in studies. The following year both of them passed the XII examination with good marks. Similarly, Soma asked for her father three more years, and completed her graduation. Similarly another year passed. Soma started preparing wholeheartedly, and in the first attempt she passed the PCS exam. And after training she became deputy collector.

 Kundan was not yet to achieve any success. Now many relationships started coming for Soma without asking for it. But Soma once again told her father that she would marry Kundan, and is waiting for the same. His parents were angry once again, Soma was firm on her word.

 Meanwhile, Kundan became angry with Soma. He may have been upset at her success, he said "she can have a relationship wherever she wants. Do not wait for it. " Soma explained to Kundan - "Do not think so, I am just for you. Even today I am ready to marry you. I do not mind that you are not settled yet. But I believe that One day or the other, you will surely settle on a good position, because you are my Kundan! I have loved you! I have loved you. "

 Similarly two more years passed. Kundan also got an officer's job in the army. Ultimately, Kundan and Soma got married with the consent of both the families.

 To be continued

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