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Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Ram Binod Kumar 'Sanatan Bharat'

Abstract Classics Inspirational

Love In Library

Love In Library

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Even discussing, writing - reading, listening to some such words like love, affection, devotion and prem etc. are taken in our society in a different meaning.

Although in some way or the other, it is a golden part of the pleasant feeling of human life. But even then it is probably considered immoral to discuss it. Because we take its direct relation with the attraction between young men and women.

Perhaps sometime that time will come when we will understand its prevalence and its importance in our lives. And look at it in a moral sense as well.

The story is from the year 1992. I used to study in class 12th. By the way, at that time the number of sisters in our class was only about the fifth parts of all students.

Even at also that time, we used to hear in our society that the physical and mental development of girls is often more than boys among boys and girls of the same age. Then in those days, we all used to address most of our classmates as brothers and sisters according to our stature and intelligence.

At that time most of the sisters in our village were married up to high school or class twelfth. Only a few sisters were able to get higher education before her marriage.

Starting my studies at an early age and being young in my class, my physical development was proportionate. I was a small student in my class.

All the sisters in our class were like elder sisters. Never in a dream, even in my mind, there had not been any ill-thought.

I was so shy, I couldn't talk to anyone more than necessary.

The library of our college used to have books on various subjects. From the early days, I used to enjoy reading literature and biographies of great men.

The librarian could give us books to the students only at a given time. There used to be a fixed time, which he used to tell us, we some students used to gather and take his books after registering ourselves and the names of the books.

A sister would also be with me, whenever I had got my new book, she would definitely look at my books by asking for me. But I never hesitated and could not see just by asking for her books.

But even then, perhaps knowing my mind, she used to show me her books without asking me. I would see that it was the same book that I had read and returned in the library in the past.

This went on for years. Sister always had got along with me. I could clearly see her interest in me. Whenever she brought something to snacks, she would definitely ask for me. She always used to ask me when I absent or not having a smile on my face.

"Where were you yesterday? Why didn't you come to college?

You look sad to me today? What's the matter?

If you consider me your elder sister? Should you share your thoughts with me?"

Then I would tell them things that happened. That's how she started liking me too. I got along with them. Now both of us used to share all our things and thought with each other. The image of as like my elder sister was indelibly made for him in my heart and mind.

The festival of Rakshabandhan has arrived. Didi(elder sister) called me to her house that day. I went to her house.

There she introduced me to his parents. There was no one in her family except his parents. She was the only child of her parents. His parents also loved me like their son. When we were the students of first-year undergraduate students.

Didi told me one day. Her marriage is fixed, and my Mr Right is the army officer. She got married a few days later.

But her education continued. After completing her graduation, She also completed the degree of teacher training.

Then she got service as a teacher in a government school.

Today, even after twenty-eight years, the love of both of us, like siblings brother and sister, have not diminished. Even today my sister takes care of me like her own child.

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