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Top Manga Artist

Comedy Romance Fantasy


Top Manga Artist

Comedy Romance Fantasy

First star Chapter 12

First star Chapter 12

4 mins

Back to Jim

I was for some reason pacing up and down the castle stairs. I was very restless, I thought, "What would they be doing right now, it already has been 3 hours now" Seira repeated all that Jim thought right now, smirked and said, " Jim you were thinking about this right now weren't you, c'mon they've gone on a date ofcourse they won't come back before Night atleast"

"WHO SAID I WAS THINKING ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!" Said Jim, then Seira said, " Woah no need to shout chill" Jim calmed down and apologized. After more 4 to 5 hours suddenly the doors of the castle opened and tadah they were back.

Hoshika's POV

The first thing I did after getting back was talking to Jim, I said, " Sorry! I know you were just agitated back then and did not mean any of that! I overreacted! I'm really sorry!!" Jim was actually very relieved but did not show it he said, " Well if you insi-" Hoshika cut in between and said, " But why were you so agitated" Jim blushed and said, "No-none of your business!! On second thoughts I'm still not talking to you" Hoshika whined, " Oh come on Jim!!" 

Eric said, " My dear Hoshika you should get some rest now it was a tiring day, wasn't it?" Hoshika protested, "But Ji-" Eric interrupted and whispered in her ears, "Don't worry I will talk to him" Hoshika pauses and nods saying, "Fine I'll leave." Whole Jim thought, " MY HOSHIKA AND WHAT THE HELL IS THE WHISPERING IN HER EARS" 

After this Hoshika and Seira left to get the night's sleep

After they were out of sight Eric said, "Now let's have a nice talk between brothers" Jim said, "What do you want to talk about?" Eric said, "Hoshika... is exactly like enough told me I feel very guilty for calling her all those things" 

Jim said, "See I tol-" Eric interrupted, "Let me finish, I think I've fallen for her" Jim was silent for a moment then screamed, "WHAT?! YOU'VE FALLEN FOR HOSH-" Eric put his hand on Jim's mouth saying, "Don't shout!" Jim nodded so Eric took his hand out Jim said, "You fell in love with her in a day? A day? I mean I know she is a really nice person with a kind yet cool personality, not so average looks (for him) and-" Eric interrupted while sweat dropping, "Whatever, I am going to make her fall in love with me no matter what"

Jim thought "Eric loves Hoshika? Why? And how in a day?" He said, "Well then good luck" Eric looked a bit surprised, he said, "Didn't you like Hoshika as well?" Jim's cheeks were bright red he said, "N-no she is just a friend!" Eric seemed to understand what was happening. He said, "Heeee?... So, I guess I will have Hoshika then huh" Jim thought, "There it is happening again whenever Eric talks about Hoshika there is always pain in my chest, just what is this feeling, not only Eric whenever other boys are close to Hoshika I feel very angry"

 So he asked Eric, "Eric whenever I think about you and Hoshika together I feel a kind of pain in my chest but when I see Hoshika smiling it just becomes very warm and cuddly, just what is happening to me?" Eric smiled and said, "That's called love my dear" 

Jim's cheeks turned red again and he said, "M-me L-l-love Hoshika?! There's no way!" Eric chuckled and said, "If that what you want to believe, in the end I have no rivals huh, guess I will take my time making her fall in love with me" 

After that Eric said, "It really is getting late you should catch some sleep as well, we will have to work really hard starting tomorrow" and went to his own room Jim said, "Me love Hoshika, no way, right?... right?" After that Jim also went to his room but he remembered that he was not talking to Hoshika right now, so he thought to tell her he forgave her the next day.

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