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Top Manga Artist

Comedy Romance Fantasy


Top Manga Artist

Comedy Romance Fantasy

First Star (Chapter 11)

First Star (Chapter 11)

6 mins

After hearing Seira's story, I feel once in my whole life that... I.... may be lucky...

Back To Eric 

Eric thought, "I wonder how Hoshiķa is normally... but I kinda find her a bit plain... it would be nice if I could be alone with her for at least a day... well maybe I can I am the crown prince!" And thus Eric went to Jim and asked to have Hoshika to himself for a day and just said that he didn't care and Eric can do whatever he wants, and so he did.

Time skip

Hoshika, Seira, Jim, and Eric were in front of the huge gate ready to go Eric said, "Our ride is here my prin- Hoshika" Hoshika smiled, she is happy that he called me her by her name, Jim was looking at the both of them like a #totally jealous person

 Jim said, "Would mind flirting with each other outside" Hoshika blushed and said, "It's not like that" seeing Hoshika blush Jim got even more agitated but this time didn't say anything just did the "Humph" Hoshika has been doing for a while now she said, "Hey! I am not talking to you! So stop that!" Jim said, "As I said, if you don't want to talk to me I won't either " Hoshika didn't reply to Jim and turned around to grab Eric's hand and pulled him to open the door, she saw that unique sight again. 

She asked, "Where is the car, Eric?" Eric smiled and said, "You can see so many means of transport and you think we will go in a car?" She said, "Of course, didn't you say that our ride is here?" He chuckled and said, "Yes I did say our ride is here, but did you know what is the ride," she said, "No?" He said, " Our ride is behind you" hearing this Hoshika turned behind to see a... Griffin! She was speechless Eric came and said close to her ears, "Shall we go" Hoshika jumped forward, Eric chuckled and took her hand to sit on the griffin

Eric said, "Where do you want to go ?" Hoshika said, "Well, it's not like I know this place so can you give me a tour?" He smiled and said, "Sure" But somehow Hoshika felt a bit weird, it felt... it felt as if it was a fake smile, sure Hoshika is Average at everything but she wouldn't hide who she is no matter what Hoshika was going to ask him why he smiled like that but then he started talking.

He said, "You see that shop over there" Hoshika saw where he was pointing and saw a shop she said, "Yes I see it," he said, "That is our country's specialty," Hoshika said, "Your country's specialty? And wait a minute you mean there are other magical countries like Fristain?!!" Eric said, "Obviously there are but Fristain rules as the center of them all " Hoshika said, "I see... but seriously I didn't expect all this magic to ever exist this feels like those animes my parents made me watch"

Hoshika said, "But the biggest shock of them all was..." Eric asked, "Was?" Hoshika said, "JIM BEING A PRINCE!!" Eric's sweat dropped and said, "Is that so" but thought "That's what surprised her the most?!! My adorable Jim is a prince!! And he fell in love with her ?!!" Hoshika said, "Well it's not like Jim is not good at all it just seems he is not suitable to be a prince, he shows a heavy cool on his exterior side but on his interior side he is a kind person and I know that so I am going to make everything right when we get back" and started to look at the shops.

Eric was surprised Hoshika who was treating Jim like a dog was saying he is a kind person Eric said, "You are a kind person as well for saying that" Hoshika who was busy looking at the shops said, "Eh? Eric, did you say something?" Eric panicked, shook his hands around, and said, "Uh!! NO!! NOTHING AT ALL!" Eric thought, "What was that it came out so naturally." 

After that Eric and Hoshika visited various shops and it was almost time to return home Eric said, "There is one last place I would like us to go" Hoshika said, "Sure" Eric told the Griffin to stop in front of a cave he got off and then helped Hoshika to get off as well he took her hand and the both of them went into the cave Hoshika said, "It is not usual that a girl agrees to go in a dark place with a boy is it? How are you not hesitating at all?" 

Hoshika said, " Because I trust you" Eric's cheeks felt a bit hot but since it was dark Hoshika didn't see it then she continued, "You are Jim's brother, after all, I would trust Jim with my life" Eric was a bit frustrated he thought, "Just because I am Jim's brother, and why does she have to talk about Jim when she is on a date with ME? " he made his grip on Hoshika's wrist stronger as he thought this after a bit when it was unbearable Hoshika said, "Eric please loosen your grip" 

Eric realized what he was doing and loosened his grip he said, "Sorry" Hoshika said, "And there is one thing I wanted to ask you" Eric said, "What?" "Whenever you smile or not you always seem like you're acting," Eric said, "What do you mean?" Hoshika said, "Well it seems this prince-type Eric isn't the real Eric, that smile you have on your face doesn't seem like your real smile " No one has ever told Eric that before he had always been told that since he was the older brother he had to act like a prince and understand his responsibilities so after some time he only smiled like he was told to, honestly the only feeling he was feeling at that time was happiness 

Hoshika said, "I would really like to see your real smile, Eric, cause I have a strong feeling that it will be really beautiful" and smiled again a smile like Hoshika just when she was smiling the whole cave behind her shone like fireworks and she looked like an angel to Eric, there and then he smiled a smile he hadn't in years his real smile Hoshika said, "There it is your real smile," Eric thought "Maybe you aren't a bad person at all Hoshika Florence making ME... fall for you in a day you're pretty good 

Hoshika asked admiring the fireworks, " Wow, what are they look like fireworks but there won't be in this world right and on top of that in a cave " Eric said, "They are not fireworks but are inspired by some though, it is said that a witch who was told to be acquainted with the invincible wizard visited the human world and she saw these Fireworks she was mesmerized by them so she put a spell in this cave that once every full moon this cave will shine like the fireworks" Hoshika said, "Kire~" Eric asked, "Kire?" 

Hoshika nervously laughed a bit and said, "Looks like the effect of seeing all those animes my parents made me see is finally here, you know animes are Japanese and in Japanese 'kire' means beautiful" Eric said, "I see..."

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