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Dream Chase! Chapter 6

Dream Chase! Chapter 6

4 mins

Back to the present

XXXX thought," OK so I'll go only for a little while reject their offer and come that's it, that's it..." And so she made her way to Dino land it was around 11:50 when she finally reached Dino land. XXXX was nervous when she reached she saw Karin and Akai at the entrance, before they saw her she hid behind a car but then she realized and thought, "Why...? Why did I hide? That doesn't make sense I just gotta tell them I won't do it and then return. Why can't I do just that much? Why?"

And after some time the engine of the car roared and it took off making XXXX fall on her back and when she looked up she saw Akai and Karin. Akai smirked while Karin smiled saying, " I knew you would come! You love idols after all!!!" XXXX was constantly denying but then Akai said, "Oh really? Why did you come then? Hmm?" XXXX was speechless, she said, " I-i do-don't know..." Akai smiled and then grabbed XXXX's arm, got her to stand up, dragged her to the ticket counter, bought three tickets, gave one to Karin and dragged XXXX inside.

It all happened so fast that she had no time to react so XXXX was in the park before she knew it. She finally had the time to ask him what he was doing and he said, "Well since we're here anyways let's enjoy the day for now" and took her to various rides after some time XXXX forgot what she came to do got in the groove and in the next moment she was dragging him to different places. After some time around 5 Akai got tired being dragged around and Karin got tired following them around.

So they stopped XXXX, she said, "Why~? We have many rides to do we just started" Karin said, " haha😅 Sure.. we can do them... after we are done discussing your idol future!!" XXXX freezed and she finally remembered that she came here to reject them!! And she said, "I really cannot become an idol" Karin asked, "why?" She became silent

Akai then said, "Look I don't know what happened but I believe Karin's judgment she can see potential for being an idol and the love for an idol in a person easily, so if something bad happened to you related to an idol then know that not all idols are bad it must be that particular person" 

She was still silent Akai sighed and said, "I guess Karin you are a human as well and you can also make mistakes and this will be one, so let's go after doing one last ride" Karin tried to protest but Akai told her something through his eyes and she calmed down. Next Akai said, "Sonce you are not going to be an idol atleast ride the giant wheel with me" XXXX said, "Fine" and then they got on the wheel together.

Inside the giant wheel both of them were silent for the first few minutes and XXXX looked out of the window Akai for actually looked at her she had beautiful sunset red eyes which matched with the sky and her hair was a chestnut brown colour with a tint of orange hair right beside her face... Akai found her more beautiful, attractive and enticing than the sunset.

The one who broke the silence was surprisingly XXXX she said "Akai-san I really didn't want to say this in front of Karin and let her know that I hated idols because of this stupid reason but atleast I'll let you know so you can search for some actual talent." After that she told him everything and he just listened silently.

After XXXX finished she had a few tears in her eyes and she said, "You must think I'm a fool for blaming and to be honest I know I am and thinking about it I never hated them but I realized that she was maybe right that if I ever get to be an idol it will just be because of my looks and not skills and so I chose to give up. However I love idols too much and I couldn't give up on them so I mentally convinced myself that it was because of idols my school experience got ruined and I should hate them." 

Akai finally spoke, " First of all... Don't be conceited there many idols who are as good looking as you (which was actually a lie she was the most beautiful idol he had ever seen up till now) and also Karin is not the type of person who will just tell a person to become an idol if they had no talent beautiful or not, her best friend or not so here and now ME as professional producer will decide your faith as an idol sing for me here right now." XXXX said, "What?" Akai said, "Yes" XXXX said, " Ok" and then she started singing the song michishirube a Japanese song by Minori Chihara

Akai was stunned, she sang beautifully after she was finished Akai smirked, "I knew I could judge Karin's judgment.

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