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Drama Tragedy


Top Manga Artist

Drama Tragedy

Dream Chase! (Chapter 5)

Dream Chase! (Chapter 5)

3 mins


(The next day)

It's 11:00 and I am currently laying down on the bed doing nothing, 

But it is final that I definitely won't go to Dino land at 12., why can't Karin and that person name Akai understand I don't want to be an idol! Is what I want to say but why am I feeling uncomfortable why does my heart feel so uneasy 

Why do I want to go?

I turned left while holding a pillow and saw the picture with me, Karin and the girl who inspired me to be an idol...

The not so wonderful world of flashback (3 years ago)

"So this is America? " I said as I got off the plane, "So... so different from Japan, but looks so fun!! I hope that I can make many friends over here! I hope the people here love idols!!!" 

Time skip to the first day of school 

"Hello everyone!! I am XXXX XXXXXXXX nice to meet you!!! I love idols!!!" I said, Smiling and then went to sit on my seat after 5 periods our lunch started, Many girls came to my seat and started asking me all kinds of questions like one of them asked, " Hey you're from Japan right, cool!!" Another person asked, " How are you so beautiful??" 

I replied to both of them, " Yes I'm from Japan, and I guess I've looked like this since I was born " that girl said, " Wow so lucky!!" I smiled, but then a girl with pretty blonde hair came to my desk and said, "You said you love idols what are idols?" 

I got very excited since someone asked me about idols I said, "Idols are celebrities who sing, dance, model and act, they wear very pretty dresses and have very beautiful voices! I want to be an idol as well!!! " 

That girl smirked and said, "I'm sure you will become one" I smiled and said, "Thank you!!!!",but then the girl started laughing and said, "You took that seriously?! Ofcourse I know what idols are I will definitely be one in the future but you even if you do get the opportunity to be one it will only be because if your looks and nothing else you really do not have any talent"

I said, "Eh? Bu-but how do you know that? You haven't heard me sing or dance or act so how can you say that?", she said, "Oh I can, after all why would you even come here if you wanted to be an idol I beg my parents to let me go to Japan next year and enroll in DDL academy but you even when you were in Japan you came here instead of asking your parents to let you stay. Who does that?" 

I stuttered, " I d-did try to ask them to let me stay..." she said, "Hah, I would have begged them" then I stayed quiet but the truth was I did beg them alot as far as running away from home.. but they found me...

Then a series of bullying started like writing mean things on my desk and tearing my books, I was bearing with all of it but one day while I was through my bag that girl took my pendant which I got from my idol, they passed it around in the class until it fell down and almost broke. This was it. I got into a physical fight with the girl and got detention...

My parents changed my schools and thus I came into the one I am I right now.. I did say I love idols but from the trauma gradually I did not talk about them anymore and forgot about them.

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