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Dream Chase (Chapter 4)

Dream Chase (Chapter 4)

4 mins

Previously in Dream Chase!

Wait is he talking about XXXX?!

The wonderful world of flashback continues...

I said, " You called a producer even without asking XXXX?!" Karin said, " Well he was sticking with me here, we both plus one more person are representatives of our school," I asked, " Your school? You mean Diamond DreamLight academy? So you are in America for a little while and then will go back to Diamond Dreamlight academy again??" 

It was mentioned in Star TV but not much information was given, Karin said, " Yep, Diamond Dream star academy, Japan's number 1 idol producer, designer and idol academy also known as DDL academy"

I asked confused, " Wait! There are idol academies?!" Karin said, " Obviously there are!" I shrugged it off and said, " Anyways you know XXXX is not gonna agree to become an idol, she hates them!" The handsome boy flinched he said, " Karin if this girl you are talking about didn't want to become an idol I would still consider her but if she hates idols I won't ever see her as an idol even if she has potential" Karin's bangs covered her eyes 

She said softly, " That girl doesn't hate idols, she loves them!" and started crying, I said, " Hey... don't cry..." the guy sighed and said, " Fine I'll give that girl a chance" Karin who still had tears in her eyes smiled and the guy blus- wait does that guy like Karin?! AND she seemed to know and took advantage of that, I sweatdropped, Karin you're a cruel girl( Karin was currently shaking his hands smiling)

After that Karin said, " I know XXXX will refuse if I or Shirley say something but she will at least listen to you so I will give you her number so call her, the guy whose name I don't know said, " Ok... By the way, I am Yuuki, Yuuki Akai" So his name is Yuuki, Japanese people sure have weird names anyways now we gave her phone a call...

The wonderful world of Flashback ends


I said, "I see... so you all plotted all that" then this guy called Yuuki said, "Let me tell you I had NOTHING to do with this, ABSOLUTELY nothing", I chuckled a bit and said, "You guys have a mole with you guys don't you" 

Yuuki's POV 

He thought, "Eh? Seeing her reaction before I thought she would be really mad I guess she is not that bad of a person after all" Karin said, "Don't we?!" She was glaring at me, XXXX said, "By the way Akai-san you seem like a pretty (about Akai and -San I'll tell you guys in the end since it's pretty complicated Congratulations for those who understand) cunning person" (she's actually saying it as a compliment but can't find the right words, the right word obviously smart) 

I thought annoyed, " No she really is a bad-tempered brat" I said, "I sure am, and you are a bad-tempered brat" she said, "Wait a minute how could you say that?!!" Karin said, "Yuuki! Apologize!" The bad-tempered brat said, "Haha Karin is on my side!" I had a tick mark, I was about to say, "She started it" but Karin said, "You also have to apologize XXXX! You started this fight"

I simply smirked, even if she didn't see me not even the world's biggest idiots cannot not imagine me smirking right now, I waited and waited for her to say "You are definitely smirking now" but all she said was, "Karin how did I start the fight?!" Karin sighed and muttered something and since I had good listening I understood what she said and I was a bit surprised,

She said, "I know you don't understand with that idiot but innocent brain of yours" I thought, "Ooh she didn't imagine me smirking as she is even a bigger idiot than the biggest idiot in this world but... I guess she didn't mean what she said earlier" I didn't knew but I was smiling right now and Karin saw and smirked and said, "Hmm" 

XXXX said again, "Ka-rin tell me how I started the fight!" I said, "Let's just forget it, and remember the offer is still on" She said, "What?! N-" and I had cut the line I said, "So, do you think she will come tomorrow?" Shirley said, "No way" Karin said, "No, she will definitely come... She... loves idols" I sighed and said, "If you say so" 

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