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Dream Chase! (Chapter 2)

Dream Chase! (Chapter 2)

4 mins

Previously in Dream chase!

Karin we need to talk...

During the lunch break, I said, "Karin" 

Karin's POV

I was really scared is she gonna snap?! I said, "Yes?" She was looking down with her bangs covering her eyes she said or rather screamed, " THIS IS SO COOL!! KAREN IS AN IDOL!!" I let out a sigh out of relief 

I thought, "I should have known if this was a normal girl then she would have snapped but since we are talking about this girl she was bound to say something like this hehe," She said, "But how come you didn't tell me!" 

I said, "I wanted it to be a surprise! You really like idols don't you!" But then her face darkened she said something that surprised me, really surprised me, she said, "I hate idols..." I said stammering, "W-Why? Y-you, you used to love them!" When a girl came out of nowhere and said, "This girl hated idols, she hates them enough to yell at a friend" 

Then she said, "But I love Karin, and this is Shirley she is my best friend here!" Shirley said, "Not anymore" she pouted and said, "Please forgive me, Shirley! Pleeeaaasee!" The girl whose name I think was Shirley said, "Uugh I can't do anything about your cute face I forgive you" She whispers, " Even though I am the only one who finds you cute" 

She said, "Yay thank you!" Shirley said, "But your glasses make you seem like some book worm you will be so cute if you remove your glasses... and this is the 1456th time I have said this same thing to you" 

I had noticed her glasses but didn't give it much thought but now when Shirley said this I also remembered that during the eye check-up we did in Japan with some of our friends her eyes were perfectly fine and the best out of them

I said, "I am sure you can remove your glasses because your eyesight was the best out of all our friends in Japan you can't have that much of a weak eyesight," she said, "No no no! I can't! I can't see anything without my glasses!" 

I was a bit surprised but shrugged it off I said, "Is that so? Ok then, but too bad you really looked so cute without your glasses, you were very popular at our previous school..." Shirley said, "This girl... was... popular?!" 


Shirley said, "This girl... was... popular?!" I pouted and said "Why? I can't be popular?" Karin said, "I do not blame you Shirley-chan this girl looks much more ugly in her glasses" Shirley made gave Karin a blank look and I know why I said, "Karin, remember there are no honorifics here so no 'chan' " 

She said, "Aah! I forgot hehe" Shirely said, "Still... now I really want to see you without your glasses" and came closer to my face then Karin said, "Shirely..." and smirked then Shirley also said, "Right Karin" and smirked. I thought, " I have got a bad feeling about this..."

After school I was running on the footpath dodging people, Karin and Shirley were chasing after me Shirley said, "Oh come on just one glimpse, please!"

The wonderful world of Flashback 

 Back in school after I had a bad feeling Kairn held my hands from behind and Shirley tried to remove them but I was strong enough to escape Karin's grip and we were running in circles in the class but then Nike said, "Hey you guys! Miss Katarina (Not the actress) is coming! " I said, "Afterschool" and they both nodded

The whole day both of them were staring at me when the final bell rang and indicated that our last period is over I quickly packed my bags and as I got out of the door both Shirley and Karin were waiting for me with smirks and I knew why

I somehow dodged both of them but my reflexes are quite good, I started running they chased me.

The wonderful world of Flashback ends 

 They chased me till the Street my house is on and then finally gave up I was a bit surprised I thought, "I wouldn't have given up so easily though..." After that I went into my room, changed my clothes, lazed around for a bit when I got a phone call (yup she has a phone) The number was unknown but I picked it up anyways.

A familiar voice said, " Will you become an idol?" 

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