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Bhagirathi Mohanty

Abstract Classics Inspirational


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Abstract Classics Inspirational

Daughterly Love

Daughterly Love

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Daughterly love

While Sifa put the question of his second marriage infront of her father he eschewed it, showing reason that he is above marriageable age.  

   Sifa asserts," You are just forty. People of your age are still in quest of beautiful and bright career spinsters ".

      " If I am forty, you are twenty. It is my first duty to see for you an efficient candidate. "

   "Let it be defiled. I know how friendlessness one feels in the absence of one's better half.   A daughter can not be a right substitute of wife. I cannot see my father's gloomy face. How ever hard you may try you can't hide before me the actuality. " 

     Vikrant sees how his daughter makes everything ready ahead of leaving for his office. She prepares his tiffin, polishes his shoes, irons his clothing.  After his departure she prepares for her self to go to college as she studies in plus three final year. On her return from college she purchases the daily requirements of home. Her father comes back from office late. She feels how tired her father would not have felt after a strain full day! She gets ready for him a hot coffee cup and hands to him the same. He feels so relax that he perceives a new tempo of life.  

      As soon as he recovers from his tiredness he calls on delightfully,"Sifa, my darling, make a list of articles those are to be bought from the market "

       "It's okay Papa.  Don't worry. There is no non availability of things. On my way home I have purchased them with the money you had given to me. Take rest. By the time dinner is ready I will call you. *

     In the true sense of the term, a woman bits the part of three characters: mother, wife and sister. In reality she performs successfully those roles.

      Her studies are worsely neglected.  Very often she opens her books after eleventh night. Only after a couple of hours she begins to doze. Ultimately she sinks in to the bed. As a result she scores miserable in the symesters. Her counter parts call her the queen of the college. The young sters pass remarks at which she hurls a laugh. Young stars of opulent families get off marriage plans to which she summerly rejects. In fact, she loves Paritosh, who is a brilliant scholar. But heaves a sigh. Though her love to him is true nevertheless she can replace another's opposite sex in her heart except her father.  

     Is it not an improbable thing? What shall be her future after her father's demise? Who will be her next shelter?

    While she asks those questions over and over again she is puzzled. If she marries the man of her heart will her love to her father diminish? Who knows the dude she will marry may allow him to live with them? 

    For fortnights together Vikrant observed her activities. He marked her activeness is worn-out.  

She appears obtuse. She talks less.  Mostly she remains absent-minded.

      Vikrant asked her, "Can you tell your Papa, why you are so sad?"

    She replied with a smile.

"It is nothing Papa. Problems come and go. Only I want my Papa to see hale and hearty. "

      But he is not satisfied with her answer. He knows she hides some thing to him Possibly, it is not speakable. She might have been severely hurt by her beloved.  

    Is it a unusual behaviour of a girl beyond twenty five? Actually, her age speaks not she. The need of a partner can not be over ruled.  

   Would Vikrant be so selfish not to see Sifa married' off?

     He knew to every  Proposal she would say 'no' às she would be parted from him immediately after her marriage Would it take place before the last leaf of his life fell down?

        Sifa kept Paritosh in confusion. Pressure from both the sides mounted up. How far they can postpone the proposals?

      In the mean time misfortune shadowed off Sifa's life.  In the office Vikrant fell from the staircase. As a result he had a brain hamare.  It could not be recovered. He was followed by paralysis.  Neither could he walk nor could do his private duties. She shaved him. brashed his teeth, bathed him. What didn't she do for him? She forgot her pain and pleasure.   

   She submitted to Paritosh," please, forget me. Marriage for me is a far reaching dream.  Get married as soon as you can ” It was her last dialogue with him.  

     Since then she dedicated her life to her father for whom he was God.   

  He had been on long leave. The authority put forward either to continue or quit his job. Vikrant, who could not speak well wrote on a paper in his left hand as a suggestion to Sifa to petition to the official dom to give her his job in rehabilitation schemes.  

     Sifa was barely in need of a substantial earnings every month.  Her father's advice was carried on and she was posted in her father's job.

       She had to give equal priority to one as well as the other. She could not know when the night came and day broke.  She had no time to stand and stàre. Truly it is called life which every one lives.   

      It was the doom day. He heard the bell ring.   One day Sifa saw her father un moved on his wheel chair. She called him loudly. He did not answer. Absolutely, his holidays had come.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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