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Chikuu - A Strange Tale

Chikuu - A Strange Tale

3 mins

This happened way back in 2011 at night classes. I was in 12th standard. Our high school was a little bit known for some paranormal activity, however, initially, I didn’t believe about this until I experienced it.

I still remember the date of the day. It was the 24th of April 2011. Hot summer days were passing, so teacher had set the evening time of classes. 7:00 PM. The hot atmosphere was a little calming down. I and my friend Viren used to go together and sit together in classes. Actually, our 12th class room was on the third floor of the building, but for the extra coaching class teacher had chosen a ground floor to avoid the hassle of going up and down, so peon would keep the room unlocked after school had been closed.

That day we reached a little late than usual so we had to have a seat at last bench. I sat near the window and Viren next to my left side. The window was Aluminium louver type, and was opened widely so the air of the night can enter in the room. Gusting wind from the window was giving us nice service. Everyone was quietly listening to the science teacher.

Dusk was almost spreading its darkness. Outside the window, there was a one-way road. At evening time wasn’t many vehicles passing. Next, to the road, there was an empty arid common plot. Wild thorny plants had grown and garbage yellow tanker was always there. Sun was drowned underneath the horizon and then things started to get creepy.

I was looking at my teacher and that’s when suddenly, a white orb of human form passed through the window, about 15 feet away from me. I only saw it with my peripheral vision, so I ignored it and continued to focus on what teacher had been teaching.

A few minutes later, it happened again. This time the orb passed a little bit nearer with throaty voice ‘CHIKUUU…’ – and that word shook me to my core! Only my granny used to call me by that name. I sidelong my glanced there waiting for something to happen again. I was sensing the feeling of foreboding. Eeriness was grinding in my heart – and…

Suddenly I jumped up in fright as teacher threw a chalk on me.

“Is there anyone outside teaching you science?”

I shook my head and wiped sweat out of my forehead.

“Then pay attention here, stupid!” Teacher scolded me.

“Yes, sir…” I said and again swiped the sweat off. My chicken-heart was still pounding heavily by scold and fear of that orb.

After the classes, my classmate who was sitting in the front bench, he asked me in a whisper, “Did you see that, didn’t you?” and then he arched his left eyebrow indicating the window, “…A human shape in a form of milky cloak…”

“Yes, it spooked the hell out of me, man!” I responded, and asked fearfully, “Did you see that too??”

“Not today… but I’ve seen it many times.” He said bewaring me, “If it call you by your name, don’t give attention at all, otherwise you know… night time is their prey time… be careful my friend.” He patted my shoulder and I stood there—frozen to my bones.

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