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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Nikunj Patel

Horror Thriller


Nikunj Patel

Horror Thriller

Touch Of A Lustful Ghost

Touch Of A Lustful Ghost

5 mins 13.8K 5 mins 13.8K

I never encounter a ghost or paranormal experience until my third year of college. I was staying in new paying guest room during my college days. I was a huge fan of English horror movies, though I never believed in ghosts. In the new room, I had been staying for 3 days, where I'd encountered strange ghostly experiences.

After returning from college I threw my bag on the bed and went into the bathroom to have a shower to fresh myself up. I took off my clothes and stood under the warm water shower—which was boiled up during the hot summer afternoon. While having a shower, I grabbed the soap and started rubbing on my armpits and other areas. A beautiful aroma of soap entered in my lungs and smile flickered on my wet lips. My rewired brain got aroused as usual. I bit my lower lips naughtily and turned a little right side, so I can see my reflection in a mirror—which was attached to the bathroom door and it was an 18" x 66" sized long.

In that mirror, I observed my own naked reflection blushingly and placed my left foot on the empty bucket's bottom. I closed my eyelids and dived into my fantasy world. After a few minutes I was done. I opened my eyelids with a contented smile and as I looked in the mirror, my eyes got widened in horror and heart almost stopped as I saw a gory glimpse of a man in the mirror. I opened my mouth to scream out on top of my lugs, but voice suffocated inside the throat. My knees sockets got loosened and I fell on the slippery floor.

The man was with full of blood on his face staring at me. That momentarily gory glimpse glued in my mind and making me more terrified. I instantly started to mumble the Hanuman Chalisa in my mind—laying paralysed and crying on the floor.

After a few minutes, I opened my teary eyes, gathered myself carefully and rushed out in the room nakedly. I hurriedly wore my clothes and stormed out without drying my long hairs—which was making my back side of the dress completely wet. I didn't know where to go and whom to tell about what'd just happened to me.

An hour I stayed outside till dusk. Then I gathered the courage and went into the room with a tight fist. I entered in chanting Hanuman Chalisa and turn on all nights. I told myself 'It was just my imagination Okay! It wasn't real. Tonight no horror movie. I'll watch only Sadhguru's talk tonight.'

I decided not to turn off the light at all. I turned on the laptop and started watching Sadhguru's videos laying on the bed. While watching videos, I fell into sleep.

In sleep, I was dreaming that my late mom was yelling at me, 'Why didn't you borrowed Kumkum and Silver thread from owner's house? Go!! Get it!! He will soon enter in your body and make you sick…!' — and then I saw her red raging eyeballs and started throwing her head in a circular way. While dreaming I felt like my hand was held by someone and pulling me. As the hand grip got stronger I startled and got awake with screaming. I saw nobody In the room. My heart was pounding and I gasped for breath! I looked around and from the corner of my eyes, I saw someone walking out of the door. Somehow, I spent the night without sleep.

Next day I brought my best friend, Vaibhavi, to sleep at my place, so I can feel a bit relaxed knowing that someone is with me. At night before sleep, she started reading Bhagavad Gita's few pages. Then we locked the door, closed the windows and switched off the lights and went to sleep. At new place she was not feeling sleepy, so she kind of hugged me like a baby and said, "Don't you dare to think I'm lesbian…!" — And then we both giggled.

Just after 10 minutes, she closed her eyes, I sensed someone was sleeping behind me and cold touch rubbing my back—caressing my thigh areas. I thought Vaibhavi must be playing a prank to me, so I said, "Please Vaibhavi, don't do it. let me sleep…'

But that caressing didn't stop. As I heard her soft snoring, I jumped upright screaming!! "WHO'S IT…???"

I turned the light on and looked behind me. There was nobody, but….but there was dent like someone was sleeping there! I and Vaibhavi got terrified to our soul knowing that we were sleeping with dead man's ghost!!

Vaibhavi grabbed Bhagavad Gita and started chanting shlokas and we went out of the room. We told everything to the owner and they not only believed, but they told us, "Yes we know that! A middle-aged man was murdered by a young man whom wife was…you know… making love with that man…"

"What…?? You knew that this room is hunted!!" I shockingly barked. "And you let me stay there without telling me?!"

"Don't worry girl!! Just chill… He's friendly. Never harms anyone. He just roams around the house ."

I clench my jaw and suppressed my boiling anger. The same morning, I packed my stuff and left the room and moved to another secured place.

Even today, I still scare to let anyone sleeping next to me. His creepy face still haunts me when I see myself naked in the mirror.


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