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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Nikunj Patel



Nikunj Patel


Room No. 81 – A Horror Story

Room No. 81 – A Horror Story

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It happened during the first semester of my engineering back then in August 2011. Our batch had just got admitted into the college in July and very soon everyone in our hostel got to know that there is one room in the last wing of the top floor which had been sealed by police for the past 2 years since one of the students had committed suicide. Why? Nobody knows the true reason. –

But a rumor says that his girlfriend had terribly insulted him publicly when he had proposed her. He could not bear the pain of broken heart and insult of his love, so went to his room no 81 and end up himself by hanging on the fan.

Now, my room was also located on the 3rd floor in the first wing and there were total 3 wings on each floor and I stayed in the first wing and while going to the washroom I can easily see the abandoned room.

Although I did not believe in paranormal and nobody had ever discussed that his ghost has been sighted anywhere, so I was sure that ghosts don't exist it's just the fear of mind and hallucinations. But I was curious to know if I can find out something weird about that room, so every night around 10 PM I used to peep into that room through a small gap of the window but could not see anything since it was all dark in it.

Next afternoon I again peeped through and saw a motionless room in which there was a mobile charger connected to plug, overturned bed and a motionless fan. It seemed usual to me as anyone can find in any room without human activity.

In order to satisfy my curiosity, I kept peeping into that room continuously for around 10 days, but still, I could not find anything unusual. This firmed my belief against paranormal that nothing such things exist.

One night around 2 AM I finished talking to my girlfriend and went to the washroom and looked at that room. Everything was normal, the atmosphere was cool and as silent, it could be and I peed in the washroom and came back to my room. I had no thoughts about that haunted room in my mind and just wanted to sleep since the next morning I had lectures to attend.

However, I felt thirst in the midnight but the water bottle was empty, so I went to fill my bottle from the water purifier outside my room located in the second wing. While I was going towards the water purifier, I saw a figure at a distance standing near the the side of the wing. Since some of the lights were not working, so I couldn’t really tell who was there. But something seemed odd and it had caught my attention. He was 6’5” feet long! I thought to myself, I never seen such tall man. As I got closer, I saw freshly burnt skin with pink and white patches all over the body.

“Hey…. Are you Okay?” I said.

Suddenly it turned to me. His devilish pitch black eyes and wide stretched smile gave me a heart attack for a few seconds. I can’t explain it in words but the smile terrified me like nothing ever had before in my whole life. It was Horrifying!

Dark figure shrilled in an ear-piercing voice – ‘I CAME OUT FOR YOU!! LOOK INTO MY HELL EYES!!’

I opened my mouth to scream on top of my lungs but voice couldn’t come out.

Long dark figure swam near to me and my eye-popped out in horror. My terrified eyes were fixated on his hollow black eyes and dreadful stretched smile. For those 10–12 seconds, it felt like the thing had hijacked my mind and body. I couldn’t breathe and had almost lost control over my limbs. Even though I tried to hold my neck cross bracelet and showed to it. The dark figure suddenly made the distance from me and disappeared!

As a few seconds passed, my head started regaining the consciousness and then slowly I felt like I was being pumped back into my own body with force. I took a huge breath like one would take if they were underwater for over a minute and have just resurfaced. As soon as I got hold of my senses, I screamed and ran to my room.

After this horrible incident I understood, whether it is human or anything else, nobody wants interference in their private life. After that nothing unusual happened and I enjoyed my college life and completed it successfully.

But this is not the end of the story. After I completed my engineering after 4 years I went to Delhi to prepare for GATE exams with one of my best college friend. One night we both were recollecting our college life memories and he told me that he saw a boy in the same way I had experience. I told him I also saw the same thing. We both were scared but soon realized we are not in college and we are safe and had to prepare hard for GATE and other competitive exams otherwise our life will scare us.


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