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Nikunj Patel



Nikunj Patel


Ghost Of A Dead Woman

Ghost Of A Dead Woman

3 mins

When I was 10 years old, my family and I moved into a house, which was the biggest house we had ever lived in. After being there about a week, we heard some strange noises, but we ignored.

About a month in, I noticed that I hear someone’s light footsteps every night around 11 PM. At first, I assumed it was my mother, who would often check on my sister and me before heading to bed. My sister and I shared the right side of the house which included a hallway with a linen closet, two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

Every night, I would hear someone walking down the hallway, stop at my door for a few seconds, and continue down to my sister’s room and walk back.

One night, I heard the walking, so called out, “Mom….?” –

The walking footsteps immediately stopped, but I received no answer. I thought she might be gone in the kitchen to drink water, though I wanted to make sure, so I got up and walked out into the hallway and to the kitchen. But there was no one. I turned around and immediately went straight to my bed. I was confused and thinking that - Had I imagined this occurrence or I really heard it?

The next night around the same time again I heard the footsteps again, and immediately called out, “Mom…? Didi…? Are you there?” – No answer. I heard only dead silence.

I was terrified.

The door to my room (which was closed) slowly opened and I heard the floors creaking against the weight of something I could not see. I screamed, “MOOOOOOM….!! HEEEEEEEELP….!!!” –

My mother came running. “What happened? Why you screamed?” She asked in a fearful tone. My face was pale. I was freaked out—staring at the edge of my bed. Mom’s eyes followed mine to the edge of the bed where she could see the dent of someone’s sitting there. Her panic lifted and she told me to calm down. She pulled me to her chest. I wrapped my both hands around her to feel safe.

Then Mom started chanting Hanuman Chalisa… -

After 5 minutes she said, “Do not hurt us… We will leave this house by tomorrow if you want to. I promise you.” – She detached me from the motherly hug and took me and my sister to her room to sleep.

The following night, and for every night thereafter, the footsteps would walk the hallway to my room, open the door, and sit on the edge of my bed. Sometimes, it would feel as though something was petting my leg. Not a creepy pet, but something that felt calming, like they were soothing me.

A week later we got to know from chokidar that a loving young couple had owned the house before us. The wife was diagnosed with blood cancer and died in the house. We thought it was her, and she liked to roam in the house at night. Especially in my room because it was her son’s room and he was also at the same age as I was.

After knowing this I was totally freaking out by that incident because I had never ever experienced anything remotely close to this.

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