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yukta jain

Comedy Children


yukta jain

Comedy Children

A Dreamy Day!

A Dreamy Day!

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Once there lived 2 sisters in the small town of Phoenix nested in America.

The older girl who was 12 named Vanilla while the other who was small and was 4 named Tuna.

Vanilla was adventures and was full of ideas!

She liked to climb in the calm and gentle wind of the elevated mountains and smell the fragrant wild flowers.

She liked to do rope climbing additionally.

On the other side her small sweet sister liked to dance and sing the whole day.

She was also outgoing like her sister.

She liked to call herself all the cute animals like rabbit, parrot, cat, sparrow also including butterfly!

Vanilla wanted to become a sportswomen or a teacher while Tuna wanted to become a dancer or a doctor.

Though both of them had different aspects and different goals both and the same dream.

They both wanted to fly like birds and not in airplanes or helicopters!

This thing was there somewhere deep within both of their hearts!

Once when Tuna waked in the morning she started to say that I can fly like a butterfly!

Vanilla and her parents were surprised. How could this happen? It cannot happen at all.

Then when Tuna was not there Vanilla’s grandma told them that Tuna must have seen a dream and must be thinking that she can fly!

Everyone agreed and went for their work then when they were having tea Vanilla's grandma asked Tuna. Did you see this in your dreams?

Tuna replied and said yes.

Everyone started to laugh. Now, it is about that she is 8 but still did not understand what happened that day!

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