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Rupinder Sandhu



Rupinder Sandhu


Uncommon Games

Uncommon Games

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At the age of five the Prince Gobind Rai

Started to give weapons a playful try.

With the aim of his catapult he began

To break pitchers of lasses carrying water

 the Nawab looting  the poor people  

of other sects was noticed by the him

He perceived that poor should be able 

To stand for themselves against injustice

At the river Ganges, he trained  children

In  two warring groups in the art of warfare

In  mock battles, he would get the winning team 

Rewarded  by his mother Mata Gujri Ji

Once the Nawab of Patna was passing

Sitting on an elephant in a market 

Nawab's attendant asked children to bow

But  Gobind Rai told  his playmates not to bow

Even in his childhood hIs message to resist

Oppression and tyranny were made clear.

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