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Ananya Avasarala

Abstract Action Others


Ananya Avasarala

Abstract Action Others

The Unexpected Outbreak

The Unexpected Outbreak

1 min

In a normal and enjoyable world,

There was an unexpected outbreak,

And people had to stay at home,

For their own health’s sake

People started getting bored,

But helpless they were,

The amount of boredom experienced,

Was uncountable for sure!

The schools and offices were shut,

The colleges and shops were too,

The people got frustrated…

But what could they do?

This was an outbreak after all,

A VIRUS outbreak,

And it was unsafe to go outside,

So people said to the outdoors, “bye!”

This became serious,

People started losing their lives.

They were addicted to gadgets,

Which harmed their eyes

Their eyes angrily scolded them,

But the outbreak was there to blame,

The people did exactly that,

Without any shame

As time passed, it became more serious,

More serious than a war,

All the international travels were shut,

For the people’s health, it was for

It became even more serious,

Many more lives were lost,

On the positive side, the people did not realize,

What the outbreak brought

The planet shamelessly polluted by people


The rivers dirtied by humans,


The animal species killed due to our actions,

Heaved a sigh of relief…

As for the people- they were happy too!

They spent more time with their family,

Which they rarely do!

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