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The old season has changed its colors,

The leaves of the trees have turned grey and the trees are bereft of flowers,

However, each element on earth awaits optimistically for a revival of the order,

Though unaware that it's a hope against hope and are the rules of nature.

She has spent many spring and autumn seasons with him,

Now she fails to recollect the numerous events of bliss & grim,

Once she vowed to forget and forgive all his wrongdoings & blemishes,

Although through the long travails of life's journey, there were many incidents not worthy to relinquish.

Always she reminded herself not to throw stones at others,

While living inside a glass house herself all these years,

But he forced her to do so, left her in the eye of the storm to become the froth,

Ridiculing her past, abusing her present and often blaming her birth.

Like the greying leaves of the trees,

Like the falling leaves of those lamenting trees,

She cried, and the tears fell on the barren soil,

She wished to have a change but he made all her efforts a foil.

She struggled alone in her battle of survival often tormented by betrayal & non- cooperation,

Like a solitary tree in a desert fighting a storm and be an unknown warrior of a hostile dominion,

Often retracing her path to that forlorn past just a few years after their first union,

Like a trespasser entering a forbidden territory rather secretly, despite seeing a notice refusing admission.

Often the story of their lives seemed surreal,

Conjured & transpired by an anonymous magician & beyond a world real,

When they began their journey with a world full of love and believed each other albeit beyond normal,

As if they were part of a dream love story of a movie immensely popular.

But unluckily, the season of love changed its course,

Leaves fell and the trees became residual remains of nature's source,

The flavors deserted the once fragrant cloth and every moment seemed a curse,

Like a tryst of destiny through an alien land lacking all possible recourse.

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