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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Atanu Ranjan Tripathy



Atanu Ranjan Tripathy


A Good Samaritan

A Good Samaritan

2 mins

His clothes were in tatters but his face always gleamed with laughter,

He smiled at others and shared everything he had despite suffering from hunger,

He was no one for the world yet looked with a love-filled heart as a silent onlooker,

Never he asked for any favour, gleefully accepted anything on offer.

The seasons change, time changes but he hardly changes his lifestyle,

Sells his wears on the roadside, and helps the needy with a smile,

Nothing bothers him, neither the horns of a speeding vehicle,

Nor the obstinate customers who visit him every now and then or in a while.

One day a strange thing happened when he was there as always,

A vehicle came speeding and collided with a tree going off its ways,

The road was deserted and no one came for the rescue of the motorist at that stage,

But he alone stood there with his scanty resources to help him out of the wreckage.

Real mess it was, inside and outside of the vehicle,

With all his force he tried to pull him out of the vehicle,

Tried his pulse, checked his breathing after a while,

Sprinkled water on his face and made him sit erect on a nearby sand pile.

Beads of sweat appeared on his face, and he perspired profusely despite the chilly weather,

Asked for a lift to a passing cab and carried him to the hospital on a stretcher,

After a wait of many hours, the motorist came to his own and started to whisper,

A pair of tearful eyes showed gratitude on his face with a woefully choked voice still filled with fear.

The trauma was finally over in a few hours further,

As his wife & parents reached the hospital to cheer,

The good Samaritan started to leave the place with a tear,

The motorist signalled his parents to bring him near.

"This is the man who saved my life", the man said,

"He is the man who gave me a new life instead,

Of death which seemed inevitable with no one around,

I owe him everything including all my future days ahead."

The good samaritan smiled & tears rolled down his cheeks,

"This is the only satisfaction and perhaps the finest gift to speak,

I need nothing but a smile on your face and your life back on track,

The God has given me everything to survive & help people without a break.

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