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Kiran Sharma

Drama Romance


Kiran Sharma

Drama Romance

Detached Strings!

Detached Strings!

2 mins

School farewell! Sounds nostalgic, right?

But this could make you roll into tears,

If memories weren’t of just goodbyes,

But of an incomplete story which happened in disguise!

Last day to feel all those boring classes,

When I was busy recollecting with my gang the daily lunchbox fun,

And all those fights we did in the basketball court,

Yet stood beside for each other’s support!

Amid those moments I treasured with friends,

And promises made of forever lasting bonds,

There was a slight romance and love found,

About which I gossiped with them in the playground!

‘She isn’t just your crush’,

And that was how my buddies identified her,

Though I always knew it well enough,

That confessing to her would be extremely tough!

Yet each time I saw her in assembly choir,

Singing and rhyming with her mates,

Or may be whenever she crossed my way,

My heart compelled me to imagine her for rest of the day!

This was an old-school romance,

Which was igniting since we were in 8th standard,

She in section B,

And I the class monitor of section C!

Yes, she wasn’t just my crush,

She was my first ever love,

The love that happens when you know nothing about it,

Dragging you towards that special one, in every bit!

And trust me, over all these 5 years,

When we knew schooling was about to end,

I daily kept practicing and gathering guts,

On how should I propose her in our school bus!

Yet, I lost my heart and soul each time,

And hell, the goodbye day tragically arrived,

When finally, there’ll be no morning assemblies,

And no more chances for me to get on my knees!

Our last day at school too passed by,

And I still stood smiling at her like a maniac,

Yearning and dying to once express her,

All of the dreams I had fantasied for our future!

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