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Dear Graduates

Dear Graduates

2 mins

As the world outside your lecture theatre,

Is a little fuzzy and messy too.

Do you often wish to stick by these memories,

Despite exam pressures and placement worries?

Bunking classes was fun, isn’t it?

And those scary ragging moments,

All of that kinda had some respite,

With those spunky plans of escaping hostel every night!

But things get upturned,

When it’s the last year nearing.

And just then with days passing by,

Time brings into dark the day to bid goodbye!

And then gets down the actual race,

With opponents on both the side.

Where giving up isn’t the cup of tea,

Struggling and fighting just to win the success key!

Yet this stage is alike radar,

Calling for some introspection from all.

For you to fathom the right career choice,

With a hope of scoring 6 on the dice!

And just then begins the shower of advices,

From teachers, family and relatives,

To opt what makes you earn better,

On which you won’t have to regret later!

But what if you get to earn less, yet travel more?

Or what if your business foundation is awaiting?

Or maybe an engineering bachelorette,

Who isn’t fascinated to crack CAT, MAT or GATE!

Haash! It all gets fine alas,

When you do what the heart says.

Despite sensing it could be failure next morning,

Yet, you’ve seen new beginnings chasing the dark too.

For you know sometimes it’s fine to be in the blue,

Facing bad times, but stoutly getting through!

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