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Cultural Colors

Cultural Colors

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When it's almost midnight

Mom brings out homemade deities

To feed the god of mischief

After aarti that hauls the whole world

With Radhe Radhe and Krishna Krishna

One time when no one shames on two lovers

The fever of dahi handi is like no other.

Heaven's hail Shree Ram

In the celebration of Dusshera 

Where Ravan dies a thousand deaths

In the same night as we see 

The evil burning in dark flames

The triumph of good over evil clearly explained.

9 nights gallivanting comes twice a year

When Durga maa enters our homes

Hearts and souls, filling it with joy and 

The happiness of feeding little girls the auspicious bhoj.

The acknowledgment of a woman's fury,

Redeeming peace being her only duty

Durga puja comes in all forms of Treasury.

Lights and lights till infinity

Bazaar's drunk in festivities

Crackers, diyas by your side

As Ganesh Lakshmi' day arrives

The heart fills with enthusiasm and

Home fills with love

Every soul is giving and 

Every being is wished "happy Diwali"

Our culture is a treasure of such festivities.

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