Two love birds

Two love birds

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Two love birds were peeved on each other about some small conflict. Silence stayed between them for couple of hours. He tried everything to say sorry; held earlobes, made puppy face, but nothing worked on her. Her silence and ignorance was just killing him inside. He gave up cajoling her. He desperately started to find something in every cupboard of rooms. Which caused her to worry, but she remained stiff and silent. After an hour, her patience went out of stock. Hours of peeved melted into worry to know what he’s searching for. She went right behind him and wrapped her arms over the chest. Peeved attitude was still on her face.

“What are you looking for? Hmmn?” said sulkily.

“Yesss…. Found it…” his eyes lit up and eardrums contented with her melodious ratty voice. He looked back at her with mischievous smile.

“Stop smiling and tell me what you’re looking for?” she blinked her eyelid and shifted her gaze in slow-motion.

“But I just found it…!” he said tittering.

“What??” said cavalierly, tossing her hair back.

“Something more precious which I had lost in the morning; your heart soothing voice darling… I am prepared to trade anything to get you my jaan….” said walking near to her, her lips was curling up as conflict melt. He pulled her closer and placed his palm on her curvy waist. She blushed and softly punched on his chest. Both smiled and quenched lips lean closer and closer...and...she ran away giggling…

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