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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Premonition – A Strange Tale

Premonition – A Strange Tale

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I have had a couple of experiences which I fail to explain. One of the most vivid and strange dreams I had seen when I was six years old. It had happened to me in the years 1994.

I was in the first standard and used to stay with my grandparents in Unjha, Gujarat. I don’t know why I was staying at their house. It wasn’t even summer vacation. I only knew that my mother was silently crying all day and night. When she brought me to grandparents’ house, she burst into a loud cry. I never saw my mother crying ever before, ever! I asked my mother and grandparents, but they didn’t tell truth. They lied to me.

I noticed that my Dad was absent more than a week. I hadn’t seen him, so I asked granny, “Why Daddy isn’t coming here? Mom comes every day. Where is Daddy? I want to play with him…”

My amiable black pupils would stare at her curiously to know the answer. Granny would look at Grandpa with a sadder face. They would coax my toddler mind with some lies. Later I knew that my dad had a tragic car accident. He was in a coma for a week.

At night my mother used to sleep at the hospital, and I with granny at home. With her, I would get to listen to so many stories before sleep. Her stories weren’t scary, even though I used to have strange dreams. My little brain sensed that their house was sort of haunted. At night I would experience a ghostly presence sometimes. And It used to freak me out. I never went alone to pee in the middle of the night. Hence, I used to sleep with granny hugging to her.

Two weeks later.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw my father laid next to my side of the bed. This was quite impossible, so I got a little scared seeing him next to me. He was in his nightwear, grey lungi, and white baniyan. His body seemed weird. It was milky-white transparent—like a digital human body as we see in Hollywood sci-fi movies.

The most unnerving thing was his eyelids. It was half closed-half open and pupils were kept moving like a pendulum swing. I was scared as hell.

I sat upright still and kept staring at him. Fear was grinding in my little heart. I felt pee-pressure surging in the bladder. I clenched the pressure and as I was about to part my glued lips to say ‘Daddy…? You came…!?!’ – His pupils stopped staring at me like he sensed my unspoken words. With a sudden jerk, his face turned to me… I startled and my heartbeat skipped. I screamed out loud with cry… Granny woke up and asked worriedly, “What happened Jimmy beta?”

“I—I saw my daddy here…” I said managing between my sobs and pointed my little index finger next to my bed space.

“Oh, but look, there isn’t nobody. It was just a bad dream, dear” Granny said, cupping my crying face and wiping my tears with her thumbs.

“Nooo…!” I cried loudly and explained to her what I saw.

“Today in the morning we’ll go to the hospital and meet your daddy, Okay?” She coaxed my innocent mind. I titled my head as ‘yes’ and rubbed my palm to wipe tears from my wet eyelids. “Granny, I will also scold him because he scared me!”

Granny let out a silent laugh and pulled me in her warm embrace saying, “Yes, I will also scold him a little by slapping on his bum!” – To her last word, I burst out into a giggle and hugged her by wrapping my hands around her. Then I felt I was sitting in a puddle of pee. She changed the bed sheet and my clothes, and then till morning I slept burying my face in her chest.

After that night, I had a vivid and grotesque dream every night, which used to make me shit-scared and worried. In the morning, sometime I would get confused to know that was it happened in a dream or in real?

One night I had another crazy dream or I might call it a vision. In the dream, I was with my granny in a bedroom. White curtains with blood stains on it waved by a gusting wind. With creaking voice bedroom door slowly opened. My mother walked in with a dead body laid in her arms, which was decapitated and rotten beyond recognition. My mother says ‘This will make us rich my son!! This will make us rich!!’ – The vision ended with horrible laughter and in a moment it faded away like a smoke.

I woke up and was too disturbed to discuss this with granny. Early morning granny bathed me and we sat down for breakfast. In a minute the phone rang. Grandpa got up and received the call. In a few seconds, he hung up.

His old body shivered and started crying. Granny quickly got up and rushed there. As she held him from the shoulder, he burst out crying, “Our son is no more…”

Granny also started crying. My little brain sensed that my father died. Otherwise lion hearted granny never cries.

Next hour we were in the hospital. The doctors came out of the ICU room only to inform us that my father had had serious head injuries and he died in a coma.

Later I knew that his car had been hit by a truck. His jawbone had got out of the joint and his skull had sort of physically swirled a bit from its location. And car’s front broken glass and splinters of it were pierced on his neck and forehead as well. They didn’t allow me to go in there, but a many years later when I was 17, I explained my vision to my mother and she was shocked! She instantly broke down into a cry. She said, “That’s exactly how your dad’s physical condition was!!” – I was seeing him in ‘my visions’ all these days was his true presence…

Friends and well-wishers came to visit him. Till 12 days I saw him wandering around our house at midnight. After that he never showed up.

His accident was published in many newspapers and a lot of people visited us to console my mother. We won the accident case and got a decent amount of money from the insurance company. As my mother had prophesied in my vision that, ‘This will make us rich!!’

Interestingly, at the same time his presence had left my grandparents’ house and now it is no-longer haunted! But I still wonder sometime about my vision that, why my mother had held my dad’s dead body in her arms and said, ‘This will make us rich!!’ – Why my mother would say such things with devilish laughter?


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