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Parth Toroneel

Action Horror Thriller


Parth Toroneel

Action Horror Thriller

Haunted Mansion Mystery

Haunted Mansion Mystery

6 mins 1.1K 6 mins 1.1K

I have been popular short story author in Indian Times Newspaper. I have written so much on love, thriller and suspenseful stories… I was kind of bored writing these stories for years. I wanted to try something new—something intriguing and out of my comfort zone.

Horror wasn’t my cup of tea. So I decided to write a short story on this genre. I called one of my dear friend, Raj, to my home in the evening. He was obsessed with horror stories and places. So I thought I’ll get to hear some interesting incidents from him and I’d be inspired to write 1000 words short story.

At evening he came and we talked about paranormal incidents. None of the incidents digest in my logical mind. Then he told me, “I know none of these stories makes sense to you but believe me, Vishnu… its all are true!”

“I don’t believe that Raj…” I said with small laugh.

“All right. I got it. You don’t believe in such stories so that means you don’t scared of Ghost or Evil spirit… right?” He said staring at me.

“Right! I don’t scare of something which doesn’t even exist!” I said firmly.

“All right then. When is the deadline of your story to submit?

“The day after tomorrow…”

“Cool… Tonight we’ll go to the nearest village. There is a ‘Haunted Mansion’ at the corner of the village. I have heard people saying that if you spend a night in the house, you are sure to experience something terrifying… The Mansion was abandoned for more than 80 years. It was built before the time Britishers arrive to India. The mansion was owned by a family landlord whose property covered vast area of village, they went away after selling all the lands with the Britishers. It is known that only animals and birds were living on the mansion, but soon they started disappearing, it was not long before villagers started noticing the unusual activities in and around the mansion area. Not any villagers, tourist or kids dare to go near it. Anyone who foolishly once went inside, he or she never came returned!”

“Wow! That’s something! I’m excited to have the experience. Get ready! We are going there to spend tonight.” I said, patting his shoulder.

I was intrigued and wanted to find out the complete mystery behind the haunted mansion. That night I and Raj went out in my car to the way village.

As we got there, I told Raj, “I will spend the night in the mansion, and you’ll be staying outside, keeping an eye on any person, or thing. Appears to enter in the area, Okay?”

“But Vishnu… I can’t let you—“

“Don’t worry Raj… My guts are saying I’ll be fine. You just stay awake outside. If I shout your name, quickly run in…Okay?” I explained.


Then he went outside and I went in… thinking that: l believe there is something more to the Haunted Mansion mystery, people in the higher post in government don’t want this building to be gone. They want this building intact and untouched. I believe they are hiding something. – My writer voice whispered in my ear.

I sneaked inside the mansion and made my way to the centre of Mansion. I roamed there for about an hour. This place has a weird smell to it – I said to myself while I was inspecting around. I was expecting this place to be dark, filled with a floating ghost. But I witnessed nothing. The roof was destroyed in many places, cracks on the wall. The Mansion wasn’t as spooky as I had thought. But I did feel some strange feelings about it. Why it’s quite cold in here compared to outside. Maybe-maybe this place is haunted! - I said to myself.

While roaming, I found some doors were locked, while the one which was open and it was mostly filled with dust, webs, broken furniture covered with a white sheet, old paint peeling out of the wall.

After checking numerous rooms, I was feeling sleepy. So I decided to make one of bed for sleep. I found a bed which was the least broken and a white sheet which was cleanest of all in the mansion for use as a blanket. I lay back waiting for something happen. One hour passed but nothing happened. By then I was in the mansion for 6 or 7 hours, with little food and water. I was not worried about being hungry or thirsty, but I was afraid of falling into sleep in a haunted mansion.

I tried not to fall asleep, but I couldn’t help it. I was exhausted of waiting and found myself in the bed comfort, so I didn’t know when my heavy eyelids closed.

I slept for a few hours I guess and suddenly I heard a voice.

“Vishnu…! Get up!! Vishnu…! Get up!! Get up!!” said the voice and I startled to wake up.

Bang!! Bang!! Bang!! – I heard gunshots.

I look around and saw a dark figure going out of the door. My heartbeat ran faster as a runner. I’d heard that voice before! But who was that? And who shoot the bullets…?? – I said to myself, being confused. I turned around and saw three bullet holes on the bed, right where my head was! I looked on the wall of that closed room and I spotted a hole with rifle poking out.

“Raj…!! Raj…!! Quickly come here…!” I shouted.

“What happened?” He looked scared as shit.

I ran to the room’s door and said, “I heard the sound of gun firing from this room, help me to break this door!!”

“Hold on. Let me first call the police!” He said, and we heard something moving in the room and strange whispering voices.

After informing the police, we managed to break that 100s year old door. As soon as the door opened, we saw three men trying to escape from the window. We caught one last guy pulling him by the leg and then we tied his limbs by rope.

After further investigation, police revealed that this haunted house was used by a gang. They were using it as storage for hiding drugs, alcohol, black money, and young girls to have fun.

When the gang saw me making my way into the mansion, they waited for me to settle down in any room. Once I made my bed, they carefully made holes in the wall to poke a gun in and shoot me dead.

Actually, the mansion was not haunted, it was just a rumour.

But… what was that black figure I saw in the night? The voice and words were none other than my wife’s. But she was dead 2 years ago!! How did she come to wake me up mere seconds before firing of bullets…? Or was it my hallucination? No—No it can’t be a hallucination. I was real!

Vishnu…! I’d promise you that I will always be with you…

I heard my wife’s voice and my heartbeat ran faster.

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