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Ghost Of Dead Man

Ghost Of Dead Man

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Just like any other newly married couple we were so much happy. It hadn’t completed one week of our marriage and I got MNC job confirmation letter from Bangalore. As I shared auspicious news to my family, everybody’s faces lit up with delight and proud.

Of course! I and my wife, Nandini were a little more excited to know that, from then on, we’ll have complete privacy to cherish our intimate time—without worrying about letting moans out. Next week I have to be present at the job, so after dinner, I bought two flight tickets online.

That night before we went to sleep, I hugged her tight in my arms near the bedside and, said endearingly, “I feel so fortunate to have you in my life, babe.”

I detached her from my embrace and dived into her lustrous doe eyes, “You see as your bright fortune is connected with me, I got the best MNC job just in one week. I have been applying for 3 years and now with you it became possible!”, then I cupped her charming face and placed forehead kiss. “I love you, babe!”

“I love you too,” She smiled and said holding my hands, “But you know what, your diligence and persistence worked more than me having in your life. You got a job because you deserve that. Though your courtesy and gratitude toward me are all appreciated…!” after saying, she blushed in pink-rosy-lips.

As I was leaning onto her, she put her index finger on my parted lips and said, “Not tonight naughty. Tomorrow we have to get up early. Hold your horses till we get there!” saying this, she mischievously winked at me. And then she quickly slipped from my hands like a squirrel and buried herself under the blanket.

I clenched my teeth and felt arousal in my veins.


Next day at night, Mom and Dad blessed both of us and said goodbye from Ahmedabad Airport.

In Bangalore we settled at company’s quarter. It had been hardly 2 days of our shifting. The atmosphere of Bangalore was mostly cloudy and rainy, but we were getting used to it.

At night I was laying on the bed and my wife was sitting next to me, surfing the internet on her mobile for her stuff.

“Babe, It’s 12:15 AM. Don’t you wanna sleep?”

“Just 5 minutes….”

I twitched my lips and asked, “Can I turn off night lamp so I sleep?”

“Sure…” she said without looking at me.

I turned off the lamp, but still, her mobile screen light was flashing in the room, though I fell in sleep. Almost an hour later, my eyes dazzled by the night-lamp’s light.

I said sleepily, struggling to open my eyelids, “C’mon babe. Still, you are awake?” I sat upright and opened my eyes, but to my shock, she wasn’t near the night-lamp. She was sleeping next to me like a little baby.

‘She’s sleeping, then who the hell turned on the switch?’ that mere thought terrified me to my core. My hand went onto her shoulder to wake her up, but then I thought ‘She must be so much tired of doing household work and all… Let her sleep.’ So I moved my hand.

I got off of the bed, to release the bladder presser. While returning from the bathroom, I noticed from the corner of my eyes that someone or something moved—as the foam of human shadow. My heartbeat raised and I quickly turned on hall room light. I saw nobody, but I heard someone’s wail.

“Who is here….?” I said firmly.

No answer.

I stare in the room for a few minutes waiting for something to be happen, but nothing happened. I shook my head, turned off the light and went to sleep.


Next day at evening breakfast, Nandini looked pale and tensed, so I asked, “Why your charming face is withered? Tell me babe. What is it?”

She said, “Mohit, when you went off to office in the morning, I went in the bedroom to wash bed sheet. I pulled off the bed sheet and grabbed new one from the cupboard. And then I finely covered the sheet. After half an hour I entered the bedroom and I shocked to see that your side of the bed had dent—like someone was sitting on it, but there was nobody. As I heard someone’s cry, I screamed and ran out of the house.”

“Oh my God! Then? Did you tell neighbors about it?” I spontaneously asked.

“Yes. I explained to them and they said, around 40-year-old man had committed suicide in the bedroom. His ghost roams here in this building. They said he is harmless. He never hurt anyone. He comes to look for his wife and daughter since his death, but he couldn't trace them. I also heard his sobbing during the day. After that, I felt very eerie feelings runs through my spine. I feel so sad for him and also scared of unknown.” She said, and her well up with tears.

Later I explained her whole incident that what’d happened to yesterday night.

That same week we and all neighbors decided to set his tormented soul free. After proper rituals’ completion we all heard his final cry and then his soul freed from pretyoni.


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