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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Parth Toroneel

Crime Horror Thriller


Parth Toroneel

Crime Horror Thriller

Haunted Place

Haunted Place

5 mins 16.6K 5 mins 16.6K

I did never believe in ghosts or evil spirits, but this incident I am about to tell you had challenged my belief. It had happened in when I was staying in the company’s quarter house building. The building was in a newly developed area, which was used to be agriculture fields adjoining some forest area. The place was about 1.5 Km away from the main city-going road.

I had got a nice 2 BHK room. 9 to 5 PM was Job time and after then I used to watch TV and sleep in the hall room. Two days later I woke up at night with a jolt as somebody had pulled my foot-toe or hand with a jerk. Sometimes I found that the shawl, in which I had wrapped myself, had been pulled off and laid in a very peculiar manner away from the bed. I did not pay attention to such incidents.

After 3 days another senior officer who had earlier stayed in the same place, came to my place at evening tea and asked me formally, “So, how’s everything going?”

I said, “Fine. I like the place.”

“Yeah…” He just kept smiling and nodding at me. And then his eyes observed the hall room and again he asked the similar question, ”…at night how’s everything going?”

I felt strange the way he was saying and observing the room so, I asked him with a friendly laugh, “Do you expect me to say something which you want to be heard from me?”

He smiled and told me his experience during his stay at the place. As I was listening to him, the shock wave ran to my spine. All the activities he told me were the same I was facing daily at night.

“I came here to advise you to get away from the place as soon as possible. Being here all alone can create be a serious trouble for you.” He said.

I thought about what he advised, but at the same time, I wanted to see what really happens there. Fear was in my chest, but I ignored it as I was curious to know. I always get excited when something challenged my guts, so decided to stay one night at my place.

The same night I went to bed a little early and covered my body in a shawl and lay awake waiting for something to happen. I had left the night lamp lights on, but nothing happened till late at night.

Around 2 AM I felt that light of the night lamp started glimmering. In the kitchen, utensils tinkled noise was coming like an earthquake was happening. I noticed the bedroom door slightly opening with creaked voice. As the door had been pushed wide open and utensil noise and night lamp glimmering were increasing in horror.

I got up and barked in a fearful voice, “Who is here? What do you want from me? Show yourself or get out from my house…!!”

As I said, I encountered a dark figure coming from the corner of the kitchen. The terror of Utensils noise and night lamps glimmering were increasing. The disturbed air of the room was hammering on my chest. My legs got paralysed to run. I instantly started chanting Hanuman Chalisa. That dark figure got clear a bit and I heard its hoarse voice, “THEY KILLED ME…!! OTHERS WILL BE KILLED TOO…!! THEY NEED HELP…!! HELP…!! HELP…!!”

The figure was approaching to me screaming in a hoarse voice. My heart was throbbing with fear, but I kept chatting Hanuman Chalisa loudly. The air of the house was filled with terror. At one extent the dark figure stopped coming near to me and loud wailing coming from her mouth. YES… she was a girl. A young girl. Around 15-16 years old. Her loud wailing echoed in ears and my heart shattered with dread. In few moments her dark figured disappeared in the air! Everything fell dead to the silence.

I kept chanting it for a few minutes. As I stopped, I said, “I’ll help you. Don’t hurt or disturb me. You have my promise.” And after that, I sat on the sofa and covered my body with a shawl. My sleep was gone. My mind was hanged to think what had just happened…! My first paranormal incident I encountered right in front of my eyes! All night I stayed awake till rays of sun entered in the hall room.

Very next day, I made inquiries about the place and nearer area. Many local people said the same incident and ‘her help’ of the words. Nobody helped because no one wanted to be trapped in trouble. Chokidar/Watchman told me that, “2 km away from the quarter building, the land was barren and used as a cemetery by nearby villagers for burying children who died before reaching adolescence. Some of 14-15 years old prostituted girls and brutally raped girls’ dead bodies used to buried under the place without proper rituals, not only that many illegal hidden crime still buried in the land. Nobody knows about that.”

“We should inform police…” I said.

He laughed and said, “Sir, you know, lust is a demon and it lives in good people too. Local police are also part of the sin land. They also fulfil their desire by using one of the labour girls and pimps their pocket with loads of money.”

After knowing the dark truth about the sin land, I called my news reporter friend. Within a few days, that place was the hot new topic of every new channel. Secret rape and exploitation of young girls stopped and many police got suspended.


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