Parth Toroneel

Fantasy Horror


Parth Toroneel

Fantasy Horror

Coffee Lovers Café

Coffee Lovers Café

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Last year, in December 2017, it was a cold wintry day and I was taking a walk after finishing my novel’s 5th chapter. I sat in Coffee Loves Café around 10 PM. I was sipping my coffee and gazing outside of the glass wall. Only cars and vehicles were passing on the road. I actually loved being an owl at night and write till morning. I was gazing outside but my mind was occupied in thinking what going to be in the next chapter.

There were not many people in the Café at that time. My train of thoughts stopped as a young girl entered in. Her gorgeous face gripped my attention. Lustrous big brown eyes turned to me for a moment. I gave formal smile. She smiled back to me and walked near to my coffee table.

“May I sit here if you don’t mind?” She meekly asked.

“Yeah, Sure… Why not….” I smiled and let her sit in front of me.

God…! She was gorgeous beyond words. Black eyeliners and light pink lipstick making her face more captivating. By my inner writer’s observation, I noticed a few things about her which wondered me. A weird smell I inhaled as she entered in and…and I also felt a little bit more coldness after she came in. I thought they must’ve decreased the heater. Waiters of the Café were really dutiful, but that night, I find it strange when not any waiter showed up to ask her what she wants to order. I thought she must’ve their regular customer that’s why.

She was setting in front of me like a statue and staring at the table menu card. Along with coffee sips, I drank her beauty by eyes. From her sublime face, my gaze fell on her cleavage—just for a moment and then dipped my gaze in an empty coffee mug. Another thing I observed by then. To make conversation with her, I asked with a flirty smile, “Don’t you feel cold in such a wintry day? I mean, in a sleeveless dress you’ll get cold outside.”

She gazed up and just smiled. Again she turned her gazed down to the menu and answered, “I like cold nights” Her pressed lips smile and glittery eyes gave me eerie feelings. I neglected the feeling, but a shadow of doubt spread in my mind. I asked, “Yeah, I like cold nights too. Um…Are you—are you waiting for someone to pick you up?”

She kept her gaze glued to the menu and shook her head 5-6 times carelessly. Her hairs slide down all over her face. She answered in a low-pitched throaty voice, “I am waiting for someone to get inside” —

Her voice of answer shook me to my core. By then, her beauty evaporated from my eyes and unnerving feelings started wriggling in my stomach. I knew it very well who was sitting in front of me. In the very moment, I started chanting Hanuman Chalisa. She instantly stood up growling—covering her ears and stormed out without opening the door! I couldn’t believe on my eyes what I’d witnessed. My heart sank down in horror. Room was again returned to a normal temperature of the heater. I swiped the buds of sweat on my forehead.


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