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Did You Meet Yourself

Did You Meet Yourself

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Baaz is my friend, who is very successful now .

He has achieved everything in life, what a common man wish for!

A Good House, Luxury Car , Luxury Phone, Wife and kids .

Everything was going smooth! He had good promotions and business expanded. Many Franchise in all states .Was extreme busy in meetings !

He met me in one of the functions of his business. I was very happy to see his success. As Usual he has to give presentation many people were waiting to meet him for 5 minutes. Many business offers, phone was continuously ringing!

Ooh what a busy man I thought!

He wanted to talk to me was just staring but he had a queue of people waiting for him. I waited till the function ends.

He asked me ; can we have a ride together, I will also drop you at home!

I said , “Yes”, .

Our conversation started I said Busy Young man,”You have achieved everything I see in your life“, He said, “Yes”.

Phone was ringing, he was fed up of calls, didn’t bothered to look at it .

He looked at me, you are so cool as you used to be before , how come !!

I said ,”I am what I wanted to become, I always talk to myself and see if I am happy in what I am doing, I don’t like burden as much as stress comes, we are loosing hope for a smoother life. I think I can achieve more if I struggle more, but at end of the day; Will not have anything in hand. I can only eat two chapathi per supper not more! My family is there, my friends are there; I give my time to everyone. Moreover, I spend some time with me , where I feel relaxed,, I play for sometime, sing and write ! “

“What”, he said, Yes, I asked “ Did you meet yourself “ Where are you, did you ever talk to yourself, A big Question mark on his face .

I had to stop him as we had reached home, A Good Bye ……

My life was smooth as usual, I was happy for what I am.

After an year, I got a call, it was Baaz, he wanted to meet me! I went to the site and what I Saw was a cool painter with full of colours, he painted my photo, I was the Chief Guest there in the painting Exhibition Where he delivered a Speech holding my hand in front of many people. This is the person who made me a Painter and so on…. A big speech!!!!!!

He was daily motivating himself with my words and spent time with him and gave me a gift saying, Yes I Met Myself and this is Me!!!!

******Dear Reader, do like and comment ,did you Meet Yourself? *****

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