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Find your balance with The Structure of Peace & grab 30% off on first 50 orders!!

Mona Sharon



Mona Sharon


Fun Game

Fun Game

2 mins

Radhika and Krishna had an Arranged Marriage for ten years. It was their Anniversary day and they decided to throw a Party.

Many Guests were invited with families. Dinner was very delicious.

The Party was smooth and calm with light music.

Krishna's Friend Sagar who was a very jovial person went to the stage and announced," I have a game, let me know the participants, it will be danger and fun too."

Some of my friends came forward. 

Sagar explained the rules of the Game.

I will point a finger on anyone, they have to say something about marriage in one phrase with a rhyming of wedding or marriage.

Whoever will repeat the word, will have to give a penalty of $100.

All were excited to start. Sagar pointed Alvira, she said"Marriage is a Privilege"

A sigh from All Oooooooooooo

Then comes Anand, he says, "Marriage is a Garage".

A big laughter....

Sagar said one more rule, especially for Ladies. Please don't take it serious, it's just a game...

Sagar points Radhika, she says, "Marriage is a micromanage".

Krishna comments, "True"

Then Sonu's turn, he said, "Marriage is a Courage". Lolzzzzz

Sagar calls Rahul, he says, "Wedding is pudding"

A big laughter in the hall..

The Game was interesting now, All the others came forward to participate.

Sagar Said, "fine Guyz, I will point out anyone and they have to be ready with the phrase".

Roma said, "Wedding is a setting".

Juhi said, "Marriage is a Garbage".

A big sigh in the hall, Hoooohohhhooooooo..

Suraj said, "Marriage is footage".

Puja says, "Marriage is Beverage".

Mohit said, "Marriage is a leakage".

Awww Awww people sigh.

Rohan said, "Marriage is a Blockage"

Rohit said, "Marriage is a Big Cage".

Sohana said, "Marriage is a Package".

Subbu said, "Marriage is a Cabbage".

Sagar points on Krishna and said, I think this game will be on till morning.

Krishna said, "Marriage is a Carriage and a Luggage of all".

There were loads of Laughter everywhere.

Finally, Sagar said, "Marriage is bitter, use butter to make it better".

A Big round of Applause for him.

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