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Mona Sharon

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Mona Sharon

Drama Others

Wise Leader

Wise Leader

3 mins

Kunchanapally was a village with twelve hundred plus families staying there.

They had a tradition of appointing a leader for every three years and after the tenure is over they used to throw the leader in the thick forest and he should never come back. After throwing the leader whoever they see first will be appointed as the next leader, the same culture was going on for years. Leaders tried to do a lot to satisfy the people, give them hand loans, lands for farming, etc. but as per the tradition they had to through the leader out of the Village.

This time while returning back to Village they saw Ramesh who was a very wise carpenter. They Shouted, ”We found the leader”. Ramesh was surprised to know about all these things, he was very happy and also upset at the same time, as he was only twenty-four years old and had many dreams in his life. But, after the period he will be kicked out.

The whole village had a big function, Garlanded him and he was ready for the seat.

People came up with issues and he listened to all, but was in deep thought that they will only throw him out of the village, what is the use of helping them?

The other day, he took some labors, went to the forest and started working on it. He ordered the labors to cut the trees and start building a big palace. Within a year the work was completed and there was a big palace with many houses in the Forest. He asked some of his friends to start the business and live there with their families, gave them many facilities of farming and hand loans.

Within three years it was a well-developed city. As per the tradition, Villagers took him to throw in the forest they were surprised that Ramesh was so excited to go, till now every leader used to cry at departure.

Villagers were shocked to see that the forest was changed into a beautiful city and everyone was ready to welcome Ramesh. There was a warm welcome of the villagers and Ramesh.

He gave a very sensible Speech,

“ Dear Friends, We have to leave this world, we have to be ready for this day!

The only thing goes on in my mind always is we have to say, goodbye one day. I want to prove this to you all, I am so happy to be here, as I did a lot of hard work when I had time and the fruit is with me, plus you all are happy to take me back. isn't it?

All replied, “Yes”.

So, its an advice to all, Utilize your time and money in a good manner so that you should be satisfied not only in this world but Hereafter.

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