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Mona Sharon



Mona Sharon


Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation

2 mins

Ranjan belongs to a poor family and lived in a small house with one room and kitchen.

His Parents were samosa sellers with very less income. The whole day Ranjan and his sister Rajini Play, fight and spend time together.

They were happy but very poor.

Ranjan always dreamt of a Big House, Car, Phone and a Secure life. He wanted to grow his father’s business but could not make it happen, He felt there is very little profit in it. He joined a Call Center Job, he was not satisfied because of less pay. All the time he thinks of getting more money in less time.

One day Ranjan was suffering from high fever and shivering. His parents didn’t go to the shop. Mother was putting a cloth on his forehead and father was sitting near his feet and pressing it.

He noticed that their hands are just like stones, very rough, he just saw his hands and sister’s hands, Their hands were as soft as cotton.

He was feeling better and asked parents to go, as their customers might be waiting for them...

He called Rajini and shared his thoughts about his parents. She was so upset to hear that and said, ”Bro I never thought of it, Our Parents are great Bro!” , I remember for your admission in Graduation, I was sleeping there and they were discussing to sell our Village land and checking Bank Balance for Donation. Mamma took all her Jewellery and gave to Papa to arrange the amount.

Ranjan started weeping,” O God, I never realized, my parents sacrificed a lot and I always curse them for being poor.”

They came in the evening. It was for the first time, their children were waiting for them with tears in their eyes.

Papa asked,” What Happened? Why are you guys crying?”

He sees Ranjan,” How is your health?”

Both of them said,” Please Forgive us! You have been so kind to us always, and we have never valued it”.

Ranjan continued his job, was given a good pay structure. He Valued it and worked hard.

After a year his job was going good, he was given a promotion.

Ranjan asked his parents to stop selling and take retirement,” Your son will take care of everything from now on!”

They were very happy and enjoyed their olden days in peace.

We should Evaluate ourselves and realize, whatever we are is just because someone has sacrificed many things behind it, to make us successful in life.

Do respect and thank them once.

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