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Mona Sharon



Mona Sharon


Love Is Strength

Love Is Strength

3 mins

Soumya was a good writer, novelist and a poetess. She won an award in the competition. So she had to travel from Karnataka to Delhi. It was a four-day journey by aeroplane. Her husband Sagar assured her that he would manage the house with the kids in her absence so that she could take the award and return.

With these arrangements in place, Soumya went to Delhi to take the award. She looked very beautiful in a green salwar kameez with a red dupatta. She shared some pictures of the ceremony with her family. However, while returning there was a technical issue in aircraft ,due to the issue it had to make an emergency landing in a forest area. There was no internet, no phone, no water, no food, in fact, nothing for survival in the area.

Some people waited there for help to arrive, while some others tried to look for shelter. Unfortunately, two people died of heart stroke and nobody had any clue what was going to happen next. Meanwhile, television channels were continuously discussing the topic of the emergency landing and attempt to rescue survivors. However, all attempts were in vain as the forest was full of trees.

Soumya was quiet and started praying with a heavy heart. She was missing her family terribly. She had no idea whether she would ever meet them again or die starving in the forest. She was so upset that she thought of trying to walk her way through the forest. She took her luggage and her purse. After walking some miles she saw a road and tried to walk till there but she was thirsty, hungry and had no energy to walk further.

Suddenly, her phone got connected and there was a message on her phone. Her youngest child Anuj who was only six years old had sent her a text message.

‘O Momma’, there is nothing in this world without you

‘O Momma’ how do you have such a soft heart?

‘O Momma’ how much memory do you have?

‘O Momma’ how do you remember all our things?

‘O Momma’ how do you manage all your roles?

‘O Momma’ there is no one to care for me

‘Come Back Momma Come Back Momma’ :

I Missssss youuuuu!

After seeing the message, she got the strength to run. She saw a helicopter and took her red dupatta and started waving and shouting, “Hellllllppppppppppppp”!!The team helped her to reach home safely.

As she finally stepped into her house, her family started crying, laughing, screaming at the same time. Anuj had a bucket full of emotions and had tears in his eyes. She managed to smile at Anuj and said, ”My lovely son, your message gave me strength”.Her husband added, “There is no life without you”.After this incident, they were happier and more caring towards each other.

**Dear Reader,did you come across a fear of loosing your loved one***

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