Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Mona Sharon



Mona Sharon




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'Khursheed Sahab' was a Pious Man from India. He was a Contractor for Government to Build Roads. Also, he had good Ancestral Wealth. In the Year 1940, he had noticed many people suffering from endless problems. He decided to help people by lending some money as a hand loan. He had some people working under him as Assistants.

One day, he saw a Sikh Guy Kamal Singh who lost his wallet and was standing near Railway Station.

He just stopped his Vehicle and felt like asking him about his problem. He just put a hand in his pocket and whatever amount he had in his pocket gave it to Singh.

Singh was very happy, He said: ”You came as an Angel for me”.

Assistant Said, ”Sahab Ji, He is a Sikh.”

Khursheed Sahab Replied, ”My Religion is Humanity, They are in Need, Almighty has given me, So I am Giving, I could be in his place too. We never know, things can be upside down anytime.

He felt very relaxed helping others, he appointed 2 people as his assistants for helping poor people and those who are needy.

He took the responsibility of almost 300 students for paying school fees every month.

He owns a House of 1 Acre in the mid of the city. There were no function halls at that time. In 1948 He married 3 young couples under his supervision in his own house and arranged business for them to earn their livelihood. After that, Every year, he used to help people by arranging business and ending their problem forever. He bought some rickshaws and helped them for living.

24/7 his house was open for needy, Two assistants were always ready to investigate the problems and get the detail report for Khursheed Sahab.

He gave bonus, approvals and leaves to all in their festivals, no matter of any religion, caste or creed.

One of his relatives died who had a very small house. He asked to get the dead body to his house and perform the final death rituals. After that many of his relatives, take his permission for marriage and Funeral and soon everyone called him as ’Maseeha’ and the house was named as ‘Bade Ghar.‘

Every year in summer, he used to arrange a 10-day vacation for all his relatives in ‘Khidwai Cottage’, A Guest House Bungalow with all the food, transportation and accommodation to enjoy as a family. It was great fun for all Kids during summer vacation.

Gokulnagar was an area of some poor people of around 80 families where every month he used to supply ration to them at his own cost.

In 1980, he ate some food for fast in the month of Ramadan and felt uneasy, he went to his room and lied down, Servant called the Doctor, After the checkup, he declared that ‘Maseeha‘ was no more.

There were more than 5000 people in his funeral crying with a pool of heads. It was mourning everywhere ‘Our Maseeha is no more’

Now, Many people visit ‘Bada Ghar’ and tell a good deed of ‘Khursheed Sahab’ which his family never heard before.

His daughter said, ”My father always taught us if we help from one hand, the other hand should not know, it should be a secret which only the Almighty Knows”

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